A Space: The newest frontier


Space or usable space has been changing and evolving for the past decades. We have been finding ways in maximizing a small space, with tiny homes and other tiny spaces being the rage now – we are finding new and unique ways to improve the use of space. Take for example A Space in Makati.

It’s quite difficult to put a structured definition of what A Space is. It’s a co-working space, it also has space for private offices, it has a gallery that also serves as an events venue, a bar, a showroom kitchen, a game room, a fantastic lounge and it has really artistic and cool people occupying all these spaces.

The look and feel of A Space is mostly black and white but cleverly done so that the little pops of color stands out. Furniture and accoutrements are quirky and unique – an old school bicycle propped against a wall next to an old vinyl player and floating bookshelves that are intentionally skewed; large foam bags that resemble gigantic rocks and stones that you can flop on and even a swing set next to an origami tree! Interior designers Amanda Axiak and Aila Asistores did a wonderful job in making the place look hip and fab without being pretentious.

More than anything, A Space is all about supporting a community of young, hardworking dreamers (as the CEO and founder, Matt Morrison would say) It is about transforming the workplace experience, enabling the innovation community to LOCATE (a space that works for them) + THRIVE (and succeed).

For more information, you can check out their website at http://aspacemanila.com or call them at (02) 846 0856 or email them at facebook@aspacemanila.com A Space is located at 110 Legazpi Street, Makati City, Metro Manila

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