Aegle Wellness Center in Balesin


A new venture will soon open in Balesin Island Club! Aegle Wellness Center will open by early next year according to Alphaland president Babes Oreta. The first Aegle Center opened at The City Club in Makati City in early December.

As usual, Roberto V. Ongpin, CEO of Alphaland, did not scrimp in putting up his latest venture. Aegle has world-class diagnostic facilities and a superb medical team. I heard he has spent at least P350 million between the two centers.

Aegle at The City Club is on the sixth floor of the club. Services include Preventive Screening, Detoxification, Lifestyle and Nutritional Intervention, and Regenerative Medicine. Through comprehensive diagnostic test and screening, the center is able to identify your current state of health and root causes of illnesses. Through detoxification, they can flush out all toxins from your body and renew physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual balance.

Aegle’s wellness physicians will outline a personalized program and comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle program to help you achieve optimum health using your diagnostic and screening results as a baseline guide. To create the medical center, Alphaland teamed up with internationally acclaimed Claude Chauchard, one of the world’s leading authorities on wellness and anti-ageing, and Dr. Ben Valdecanas, who is Aegle’s medical director.

Chauchard is the founder and chair of La Clinique de Paris International, a well-established weight loss and longevity clinic with branches all over the world. Valdecanas is a specialist in regenerative medicine research for both hospital-based programs and clinical applications.

Aegle is appropriately named after the Greek goddess of radiant good health. What better way is there to illustrate this marriage between science and nature: Aegle being the daughter of Aesculapius, the god of medicine, and Epione, the goddess of soothing of pain. Aegle is the sister of Panacea, the goddess of medicines, and Hygeia, goddess of health. For more information on Aegle and its unique approach to medical wellness, please email Jennifer Sanvictores at

Health is wealth, so may this New Year be the start of a healthy lifestyle for everyone. A focus on health will bring also good fortune and happiness. That’s my New Year wish to all!

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