ArteFino Fair 2019


There is an abundance of home furniture and furnishings that are skillfully crafted by Filipino artisans. Using local woven materials and well-curated accents, Filipino products add a unique artistic touch to any living space. 

This weekend, ArteFino Fair welcomes an assortment of outstanding local brands. It challenges the community of artist-entrepreneurs and designers to create and innovate their product collections in preparation for the fair. Open until September 1, the fair is ongoing at The Fifth at Rockwell, R5 Level Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center. 

Celebrating Filipino artisans at their finest, the ArteFino Fair has quality home goods that make a direct impact that can be felt in the lives of the people in local communities and economies.

Check out the hand-made ceramic bowls, trays and baskets, lampshades and beautiful placemats. There are also lush indoor plants from PGD Botanique. Loot Home at Stall 78 in the fair sells gorgeous trays, caddies, wine bottle holders and more. 

One of the stalls uses recycled fabrics for their pillowcases. Another merchant has recycled plastic bottles in stylized bags. It’s wonderful to know that there are products and projects that use recycled plastics. Just like Project PEARLS that uses recycled plastic in its structure. It is a multipurpose center that will also serve as a soup kitchen to support and enhance Project PEARLS’ existing programs of livelihood, brain enrichment, and art curriculum for child development. Designed by FabTech, it will provide nutritious meals for an underprivileged local community from Tondo. 

Architect Nicholai Go is designing this center that will accommodate 100 square meters of floor area and an 80 by 20ft mobile container. It will be made of eco-bricks produced by a company called Green Antz. Eco-bricks are a sustainable substitute to a regular brick, which are made from a mixture of wet cement and shredded plastic laminated (one eco-brick is made up of around 100 plastic sachets).

This is a project of Future Faces Foundation, a student-initiated non-profit that was started by Winnie Wong in 2011. It has expanded into a team of high-school students who were brought together by their passion for service in the Philippines. Sam Concepcion, Sarina Malik, Erika Poturnak, and Luc and Saskia Giraud having been working together to reach their goal of raising four million pesos. Their mission is to repurpose plastic waste in the Philippines in order to construct a sustainable multipurpose center out of eco-bricks in Barangay Batia, Bocaue, Bulacan.

Future Faces’ facility aims to be unlike any other, by including sustainability as part of their core values. They have partnered with 

By implementing this solution, Future Faces is helping reduce plastic waste in the Philippines while tackling the problem of hunger and poverty. Their goal is to collect 9,000 bottles worth of plastic from their school community, the community of Tondo, Love Beauty and Planet, and anyone who is willing to help. If you would like to contribute, you can drop off your used and clean plastic to the following drop off points: Marketplace Rockwell, Marketplace Central Square, and Rustan’s Makati. Future Faces is using this project as a vehicle to educate impoverished communities about hygiene, the value of nutritious meals, waste, and living sustainably.

They will be holding a charity gala on Saturday, September 7 in Blue Leaf Events Pavilion at 7pm to raise funds for their cause. Each ticket is 3,500 pesos; the profits will serve to build their multipurpose center. The gala will feature Eddie Mesa and the Spirit of the 60’s band.If you would like to attend, you can contact them at

For further details about their project, click this link

To make a donation, you can transfer a deposit with the following information. Bank: BDO

Branch: Ayala Triangle, Makati
Account name: Future Faces Manila Foundation Inc. Account number: 003600215323

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