Bactakleen Marvekleen: Nature’s super disinfectant


Most home improvement works are put on hold or postponed during ECQ. With the new extension to end on May 15, we have a couple of weeks to plan our new life and the way we will manage the safety of our home to maintain a virus free environment.

The digital world is filled with helpful information on tips on keeping a healthy home. Cleanliness is next to godliness so make sure to disinfect high traffic areas in your living space. When the lockdown is over, head to Wilcon Depot to stock up your supplies with cleaning materials and disinfectant mats to prevent germs from entering your home. Wilcon Depot also has online shopping for everyone’s convenience so purchases may be delivered straight to your home. Even if the lockdown is over, it is still safer and easier to just shop online.  

New in the market is Bactakleen Marvekleen, the latest among the Backtakleen range of products that employs the recent technology to create safe disinfection for the human body. The special formula is designed to encompass powerful disinfection without any adverse effects to the human body. Marvekleen can be dispensed using a pump spray bottle, ULV fogger, humidifier or wiped on a surface. It also doubles up as a hand sanitizer. Marvekleen is literally nature’s “super disinfectant” and perfect for this challenging times!

Safe on skin and eyes, Marvekleen is non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-irritant because it is made from all natural food grade ingredients. With no harmiful residuals, this disinfectant solution can be used to clean multiple surfaces and even clean fruits and vegetables. It is colorless, odorless and non-staining. Recognized by CDC in their guidelines for disinfection, its active ingredients are effective against Gram + and Gram – bacteria, MRSA, VRE, MRSE, HIV, HBV, HCV, Norovirus and Coronavirus.  Check out for more details and other services.

Soon available to order online is MVK-1, a disinfecting machine that is designed to be paired with Marvekleen. The machine disinfects an air space such as a bedroom or an office space. It is able to cover up to 100 sq. ft. space silently and comes with a timer for better application control. MVK-1 large tank allows it to hold sufficient solution to disinfect many areas without the need to refill regularly. The configurable attachment gives the user the choice of a single direction dispensing or 4 way dispensing. To order, check out their FB and IG at @BacktakleenPh or email .

Between keeping your home germfree and clean, check out the new YouTube channel of my favorite event stylist and florist Gideon Hermosa. He recently uploaded videos and floral design tips in his YouTube channel. Since everyone is home, Gideon wanted to share online his knowledge and expertise in making beautiful table settings, flower arrangements and other wonderful designs you may learn and create in your own home. 

Gideon shares tips on planning home parties and gives guidelines on design proportion and dramatic settings. He also shares his creative genius in coming up with party themes and décor. He gives the viewers ideas on how to decorate a table or space with materials found in the home. His artistic eye is his wonderful gift that he shares with each of his videos. 

This is truly the best time to make your home a beautiful expression of yourself and marvel at all the blessings you share with the family. Make the most of this precious time to create beauty and harmony in your haven. 

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