Bring luck in your home this CNY 2017


The Year of the Rooster starts next Saturday, January 28 but preparations for bringing in the auspicious luck into your home should commence even a week before the Chinese New Year.

Flying Stars Feng Shui is a potent method of Feng Shui that addresses time transformations of Chi energy. The changing flow of Chi is expressed as numbers on Feng Shui natal chart, or the period chart of houses and buildings. The essence of Flying Star Feng Shui is the diagnosis of any space based on numbers that are placed in a three-by-three sector grid known as the Lo Shu Square, according to a set formula or sequence.

Each year, the annual Flying Stars change positions and these determine the locations of the lucky or unlucky sectors of the space. It is imperative to know where these stars fly to so as to activate the lucky area with symbolic enhancers as well as subdue the bad luck brought by afflicted stars.

Compared to 2016 when the Illness Star was in the center area, 2017 is forecasted to be more victorious because the Lucky White Star is in the center. Place a Victory Flag or the Trinity of Horses here to activate for success at work, in business and in competitive situations.

The Auspicious Wealth Star flies to the East bringing wealth, success and happiness to those who reside in or spend a lot of time in this sector. Enhance this extremely lucky area with a wealth tree with 8 ingots or golden trees and birds.

Activate the Southeast sector with the Water Wheel or a pair of Crimson Phoenix. The Lucky Multiplying Star falls in this sector this year indicating future prosperity and upward mobility.

The afflicted areas like the South, Southwest, West and Northwest need symbolic enhancers to suppress the negative chi. To help nullify the misfortune and accidents in the South, put the Sun & Moon 5 Yellow Pagoda in this area of the home or office.

For the Southwest area, place a pair of Elephants or Blue Rhinoceros to naturalize the Robbery Star.

The Afflicted Illness Star heads to the Northwest sector but an excellent remedy is the Garuda Wu Lou or Compassionate Goddess with Powerful Garuda.

The Feng Shui renovation rules for 2017 are based on the location of the Three Killings and this year, they fly to the east. Suppress this affliction with the 3 Celestial Guardians in red color in this sector. Check out the 2017 Lillian Too 2017 Feng Shui Almanac for more details.

Protect your main door that is the entrance of good chi with dragon symbols. On the eve of Chinese New Year, prepare an abundance of fruits especially oranges, pineapples and anything with round shapes. Make sure your refrigerators are fully stocked to symbolize incoming food all year around.

It’s the best time to de-clutter your home to make room for new items. Removing karma and cleansing for spiritual activities could happen when we clear our space because we help the good chi flow into dead areas.

Throughout this year, the East sector should not be disturbed or renovated because the Three Killings Star resides in the East. The South sector and West sector are both afflicted too. If renovations are needed, just choose an auspicious day to begin to lessen the negative impact. The Year of the Rooster Feng Shui Almanac of Philippines’ Feng Shui queen Marites Allen has this guide for lucky dates and auspicious activities all year around.

Get a copy of Marites’ 2017 Feng Shui Tips for the home at any Frigga Charmed Life boutiques or shop online at or . National Bookstore now carries the Marites Allen horoscope forecast for each of the 12 animal signs.



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