Casanuova is a design house that brings together curated collections of the finest contemporary pieces for homes and other private spaces.

The company goes beyond aesthetics to offer design intelligence. At Casanuova, form always goes hand-in-hand with function. Values of craftsmanship are complimented by innovation and technology.

Heritage and tradition serve as a common thread. The Casanuova mindset perceives good design not just as visual or tactile encounters, but as a full sensory experience.

Pieces are handpicked on merits of excellent quality, outstanding design and impeccable workmanship. They are also selected for their ability to tell a compelling tale of design evolution and innovation. This is why pieces at Casanuova are style declarations that last a lifetime.

The unique design experience at Casanuova distinguishes it from the rest.

Clients and guests are welcomed and engaged so that they are immersed in the design universe and language of every label and piece on showcase. Conversation, collaboration and an open exchange of ideas make Casanuova a conduit for design dreams becoming realities. The design house is also a venue where client, designer and label meet to create stunning spaces.

The design compendium at Casanuova is reflective of the ever evolving narrative of Italian design and craft. There are contemporary sofas, chairs and tables from esteemed brands like Edra, Meridiani and Vibieffe that instantly elevate fine living into an art form.

Style manifestos are embedded onto fixtures and glass doors, cabinets, wardrobes as well as lighting fixtures by design innovators such as Albed, Nomon Home, Studio Italia and Bosa.

Only the best from every design label are brought into the Casanuova showroom, with option for clients to configure, customize according to preference.

Design is at the core of Casanuova’s DNA. It speaks the universal language of style, transcending time and trend. Its passion, commitment and dedication for creating exceptional spaces are fueled by one end goal: to build a lifestyle inspired by innovation and creativity.

One of the brands it carries is Edra, an avant-garde label, known for its art-inspired collections. It has become known to be among the most discerning for creating pieces that transcend time and trend. Its visionary mindset also paved the way for inventions such as the Smart Cushion Technology and Gellyfoam.

Another would be Meridiani, known for manufacturing high quality furniture. Working closely with art director Parisio, the label sought to create pieces that celebrate modern sensibilities and lifestyles.

Vibieffe meanwhile offers elegant, beautiful yet functional and comfortable pieces. The 50-year-old brand is the expression of sophistication, elegance and Italian design. With Gianluigi Landon as current head designer, Vibieffe pieces are celebrated as design statements that enhance private spaces.

You can also find at Casanuova fine jewelry, clocks and timepieces by Nomon Home. The Barcelona-born brand has a preference for working with natural materials like walnut or marble. Sleek, sculptural pieces from Nomon’s home line include: consoles, desks, shelves and chic fixtures for the boudoir.

Modern lighting fixtures from Studio Italia Design are also featured at Casanuova. Based in Venice, Italy, pieces from Studio Italia Design display the highest quality, design standards while epitomizing the prestigious “Made in Italy” label. The brand works with only the finest materials such as hand-blown Murano glass, combining them with steel, brass and aluminum. Studio Italia also creates custom pieces that bring together ideals of quality, form, function and state-of-the-art technology.

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