A sky full of stars

Under a sky full of stars, it was a heavenly view to watch and sing and dance at the magically epic Coldplay “A Head Full of Dreams” concert at the Mall of Asia last Tuesday. Performing before a crowd of 35,000 fans who didn’t mind the pricey, standing-room-only concert tickets, […]

The diverse family I am part of

We all belong to different families as we go through life. We start off with the family we are born into, our original family. This grows into various extended families as we marry and then start our own. Other family ties are added with school, then work, play and other […]

Heritage and Vintage

The cool, first few months of the year is polo season. And cool it is indeed to sit on the East Terrace of the Manila Polo Club, experiencing the thundering hooves of the horses and the shouts of the men as they chase a ball around the field. Polo must […]

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