Celebrating Jonathan Matti


When a Filipino interior designer creates waves in the international scene, Manila’s sociable set goes all out in praises for the incredible achievement.

Jonathan Matti, one of the country’s most celebrated interior designers, recently collaborated with de Gournay, a British-based firm that is globally renowned for its hand-painted wallpaper.

The beautiful work unveils a new motif inspired not only by his elegant aesthetic, but also the rich landscapes and decorative architecture of the Philippines in the Spanish era.

Created in close association with Matti, “Latina Manila” details a bustling and energetic scene of the Southeast Asian islands and its inhabitants.

The panorama—which evokes a similar memory of colonial splendor—was painted in the style of de Gournay’s Papiers Peints Panoramiques, as based on the sweeping vistas of 19th century French wall coverings.

Matti’s engaging interiors have frequently been coupled with de Gournay’s designs across a variety of projects—installations lauded as some of the truest interpretations of the medium. This well established flair was key to realizing the full scale of scenic design, incorporating distinctive flora and fauna such as the Flame Tree and groves of Bamboo, specific to Manila and its surrounding territories.

The period setting has the dual advantage of matching Matti’s unique source material—19th century print depictions of the environment, as well as the antique painting style of de Gournay’s scenic motifs: fine brushwork built up over detailed tonal layers.

The result conjures a vivid social overview of the era—combining styles of architecture and costume both traditional and modern, industrial wealth, and agricultural austerity.

Matti truly embraces the idea of bespoke in the most luxurious level. The intimate event at the de Gournay showroom in Paris brought together his clients and friends, as well as other designers, who were treated to a first-look at the finished wall covering.

For the event, four panels were specially installed onto a custom-made, folding screen. The full scene will be available at the beginning of 2018.

De Gournay is an English wall coverings, furniture and porcelain house founded by Domenic Evans-Freke and Claude Cecil Gurney. The name de Gournay was adopted based on their French roots.

Gathered here were an intimate group of friends of celebrated interior designer extraordinaire Jonathan Matti and his collaboration with the brand that is best known for their hand woven and hand painted wall coverings. The de Gournay team said Matti’s engaging interiors have been coupled with their wall designs across a variety of projects.  Installations lauded as some of the truest interpretations of the medium.

Latina Manila will be available by mid-January 2018 at the Element Fine Furnishings, located at the 9th floor of the DPC Building along Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City.
For inquiries, contact Elements Fine Furnishings at  8898872

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