Celebrating Mother’s Day in ECQ


Happy Mother’s Day! Greetings to all the wonderful mothers out there who are working double time to make sure their family is safe and living in a virus-free home. Because of quarantine, many mothers, especially working moms, are currently at home enjoying family time in between online work. But for some moms, these difficult times are causing physical and mental stress on themselves with their financial future so uncertain. 

It’s great to read the news, fake or not, that our government is considering easing the ECQ restrictions this coming week. One of the new words we are all learning is “new normal,” as even if restrictions are relaxed, we still need to learn new ways of doing things. Moms will play a huge role in teaching the family what new normal really means. Meanwhile, here are some tips to keep everyone’s household busy and healthy.

Keep a schedule. Try and have a routine, with physical activities incorporated daily. Recent studies are showing that the virus cannot live when exposed to sunshine. So make it part of your daily routine to bathe under the sun! 

Exercise every day. Hardly any of us have workout equipment at home, but a blanket on the floor is a yoga mat, and the Internet has may exercise routines available. There are plenty of ways to keep fit during lockdown. Even 20 minutes a day will make a difference! 

Like all fitness centers, Bikram Yoga Manila Makati studio is closed. With no given reopening date from ECQ, studio owner Ollay Aninion offers online live Bikram classes via Zoom. The 90-minute yoga class is only P299 and is payable by Online GCash at  +63917-508-6810. For this week’s schedule, check their website at www.bikramyogamanila-makati.com or follow @Bikramyogamakati168 on Instagram or FB – Bikram Yoga Manila.

For Kundalini Yoga, urban healer Rosan Cruz leads a Kundalini session to boost your well-being on May 14. Check out her IG at @RosanCruz for other meditations. The Kundalini class is hosted by Aegle Wellness Center at +63.2.8737.0077, +63.917.821.9795, +63.949.889.6237, or at info@aeglewellnesscenter.com. As part of its Serenity Series, Aegle is also conducting Pilates and Tai Chi sessions this coming week. Complimentary access is given upon registration. 

If you do have home exercise equipment, check out the online sessions of triathlon coach Ani de Leon-Brown using a treadmill or bike trainers. This is a great way to keep a high level of fitness.

Learn to cook. During lockdown, cooking can be a great way to manage both your mental and physical health. If you are already a good cook, challenge yourself to try new recipes. I can’t wait to taste some of the many pastries that my good friend Tessa Alindogan has been whipping up. She has rediscovered her baking skills. 

Do something creative with your kids. One way to focus your attention and connect with those you live with is through a shared project. This can take any form you like based around a common interest or shared life experience. Young mom Digzy Umali has completed two gigantic jigsaw puzzles with her family since the start of quarantine.  

We know that keeping children entertained 24/7 is a considerable challenge. One of the biggest concerns parents currently have is how to maintain their children’s education. Many toys, such as Lego, will have something that you can use as an educational element, as well as books and board games.   

Remember that your efforts at education don’t have to be blatant, and can be disguised as play time. Even something as simple as asking your child to write a story about their toys, create a musical performance for the family, or do a scavenger hunt in the garden can be sufficient to keep them entertained while continuing to learn. 

Have time for yourself. Whether you’re working from home, have been furloughed, or have another circumstance, you will likely have personal worries and anxieties to deal with.  

Give yourself some headspace and maybe even pamper yourself with some beauty products from Belo Med. Belo Privilege Club Members can now enjoy hassle-free online shopping of their favorite products and receive their Belo treats within a week of ordering. Check out www.shop.belomed.com and get some beauty pampering. 

Dr. Vicki Belo-Kho and daughter Scarlet Snow

Consult your favorite Belo doctors about your skin concerns at the Belo Live Consultations sessions. Just email info@belomed.com and they’ll connect you to a Belo doctor. If needed, they can also setup a video consult for you. Try it!

Focus on personal growth. None of us will ever have this much free time again, so it’s time to remember those unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions, like cleaning up the house, getting more fit and healthy, improving your diet, learning a new skill, reconnecting with old friends – there is so much we can do to come out stronger. 

This is truly an extra special Mother’s Day for many new mommies. I am so happy our first grandchild Louie Malachi Crespo Prieto was born a couple of weeks before the quarantine so we were able to visit him in the hospital. This weekend, our bundle of joy is three months old. Happy first Mother’s Day to his mom, Tinkay Crespo-Prieto.

New moms like Yanna Fong-Barandiaran and Cristalle Belo-Pitt delivered their babies during the pandemic. Thanks to loads of prayers and excellent doctors, both baby girls are healthy and home with their families. Thank God too the babies were NOT named after the virus! 

Amidst all these dark times, we have so much to be grateful for. What’s your silver lining during this great transition?   

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