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Indoor air quality is invisible, yet the impacts it has on our daily health and wellness is unimaginable.  Inside our vehicles and our homes, our sanctuaries from the everyday stresses of life, airborne pollutants and bacteria trapped inside the air-conditioning system is continually recycled and is exposing us to unhealthy air quality.  These pollutants affect our wellbeing – and this can also in turn affect our professional lives.  One can easily miss on work or school due to sickness caught from the outside.

Air quality is impacted by circulation and moisture levels; moist and damp aircon units are the breeding ground for both bacteria and fungus.  In the market today, there are plenty of products that can help with this – fans, blowers, split type and window type air conditioners.  But what these do, aside from cooling the temperature, is recycle the air.  YES, the polluted air that you and I are breathing is being recycled and recirculated, and the bacteria is being passed on to all the people that are present in the room.  The foul odor from the AC system is a result of fungus growth, and this is a normal occurrence because the AC system is seldom cleaned.

Excelsia technologies developed a non-toxic anti-bacterial treatment system, BactaKleen, that can effectively kill 99.99% of germs hiding in our AC systems, even in those hard to reach ducting and vents.  Tested by world recognized laboratories like SGS and TUV, our delivery method works efficiently, saves both time and money by covering a wide area with one application.  By targeting the AC system, we are able to effectively administer our treatment for rooms and spaces – no matter how big or small.  By using our Ultra Mist Fumigation machine, we are able to discharge millions of anti-bacterial nano-sized particles into your AC system, immediately giving you fantastic results that you can feel and breathe. 

Unlike traditional spray and wipe applications which cannot reach many tiny or obscure places, the Ultra Mist will float to the tiniest of crack and is able to penetrate fabric and porous surfaces to kill bacteria and fungus.  Bactakleen Ultra Mist is also tested by Chemlab for durability.   It was proven by Chemlab that after 1 treatment using Ultra Mist, the bacteria and fungus will only start to grow back at a much reduced rate after 2 months.  This will give you the peace of mind that even after our treatment, Bactakleen is still present in your AC system and is continuously working to keep you and your family’s health safe from germs.  With the emergence of new viruses, H1N1, SARS, HFMD, and other sicknesses that are as harmful to our health, Bactakleen is here to protect you.  

Now here in the Philippines, their main goal is to improve the indoor quality of homes and make all Filipino’s experience a Germ Free, Worry Free home without the chemicals and toxic components of home cleaning tools.  Since all Bactakleen products are made with Botanical Extracts, so they are safe for every member of the family, even your pets!

Bactakleen’s Mission is to provide a synergy of innovative anti-bacterial treatments and advocate the importance of good public health and hygiene standards, while their vision is to make Bactakleen the global leading public service provider for anti-bacterial treatments across a wide range of applications.

Here’s the skinny on their Line of Non Toxic Products to help you identify the home spray you would use for your home: 

First is the Bestselling “Odour Killer.“ Bactakleen odour killer is a non-toxic water based deodorising spray that eliminates foul odours associated with bacteria. Most foul odours are a result of bacteria and mould growth. Odour killer effectively kills the bacteria and mould that causes foul odours. 

Second, their everyday cleaner, the “Germ Buster.” Bactakleen Germ Buster is a multi-purpose quick and easy sanitizing spray that quickly kills germs and bacteria on hands, toilet seats, door knobs and other contact surfaces as well as air borne germs. 

Also, their “Bactashield Basic”, a temporary spray on anti-bacterial surface coating that will kill harmful bacteria upon contact. It is a non-toxic solution without strong chemical odours and is completely transparent. It is ideal for applications such as bathrooms, kitchens, car interiors, children’s playrooms, computer keyboards, mouse and many other household applications. 

Lastly, “Anti VOC” is an active sterilizing solution that works to kill bacteria, fungus, VOC and formaldehyde. Anti VOC works on solid and porous surfaces to provide a long term sanitizing and deodorizing effect. It is ideal for painted walls, new furniture, table tops, car interior and many other surfaces that produce VOC or bacteria colonies or fungal / mildew growth. 

Those are some of the products that Bactakleen Ph offers for more information regarding their products and services you may want to visit their Instagram page or Facebook page @BactakleenPh or their website

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