Don’t stress! Febreze the dress!


In a country of thousands of islands, surrounded by water and beautiful countryside, it is quite strange to imagine that there is a water shortage in the capital, Metro Manila. So we all have to do our share to conserve water, and I will follow the French mode by just spraying perfume on my costumes. So, I have been spraying Febreze Fabric on my outfits after my events instead of having them washed.  

I wore a stylized pop art terno to a recent event at the Swatch+Swatch Building, hosted by Swatch Philippines’ grand dame Virgie Ramos. There were a few stains on the bottom of the train, but it’s all good given the water crisis. The whimsical terno was created by fashion designer Vanessa Pinlac of Slim’s Fashion and Arts School, and was part of the school’s exhibit last year.

The “Unveiling of the St. Cecilia Grand Piano” was the amazing event, where the husband and wife tandem, Elmer Borlongan and Plet Bolipata, collaborated to transform a grand piano into a stunning art masterpiece. Plet shared that they worked to the creative hum of their marriage – different styles, different heartbeats, different strengths, and different visions – in perfect harmony. I am especially fond of the piano seat’s artsy legs, with red shoes by Plet.  

Elmer drew his brother-in-law Jed Bolipata while he was rehearsing. The recipient of numerous awards and prizes, Jed is a graduate of The Juilliard School, in additional, he is a writer, composer, filmmaker, photographer and one of Manhattan’s top real estate brokers. His next show of photography runs March 23 to April 3 at the Boston Gallery in Cubao.  

Jed played Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, Debussy’s Claire de Lune and Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue on the St. Cecilia, and then there was singing by talented artists Matteo Guidicelli, Joanna Ampil, Mark Bautista and Jugs Jugueta. Former basketball player Chris Tiu also played a piece and had Christian Bautista and Joanna Ampil sing several Broadway tunes. 

The youngest music lover that evening was birthday girl Scarlet Snow Belo. Swatch Flik Flak hosted a fun birthday party for this very smart and witty four-year-old. The party theme was based on the Flik Flak Magical Dream watch, in pink, lavander and mint green. 

Since Scarlet loves unicorns, many of the party treats kept on theme, including a pouf cotton candy cart, candy buffet, ice cream cake cart, and, of course, a balloon master blowing and twisting designs. Another highlight was the telling time activity with Flik Flak watches as prizes. 

It’s great how smart Scarlet Snow is. She remembers what my hair color was when we last met. Celebrity doctor parents Dr. Hayden and Dr. Vicki Belo-Kho are quite devoted to her and have taught her how to pray. In fact, with her parents’ help, Scarlet Snow recently authored a book, “My First Prayer Book,” a read-aloud collection of stories and prayers for kids of all ages. 

Vicki gave me a copy at the Belo Kinetic Party at Flames in Discovery Primea. World famous international fashion bloggers Bryanboy and Tina Leung flew in as special guests of Belo Medical Group. The intimate dinner was jointly hosted with Enerjet System. Prof. Daniel Cassuto, Enerjet’s medical director, was present to talk about the wonders of this kinetic facelift system. Prof. Daniel is also a plastic surgeon and a professor of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. He runs a private practice in Milan.

Enerjet is a needle-free, kinetic lifting technology, a product of Perfaction and exclusively distributed in the country by SpectruMed. Prof. Daniel expertly demonstrated the process to erase wrinkles and smoothen skin without any injections. Enerjet also tightens skin, and treats acne scars and stretch marks instantly, and can be used to improve the jawline contour, lift cheeks, jowls and brow area.

From Enerjet, I rushed to the Hotel Sofitel for the welcome dinner for Worldbex, aka the World Building and Construction Expo, where I met Joseph Ang and Levi Ang, the founders. We chatted about the 24thedition of the expo and the booths I could visit at the World Trade Center and SMX Convention Center.

At Worldbex, there are several interior design showcases. For my showcase, I collaborated with Mejore Furniture to display their latest products like an elegant sofa that converts to a sofa bed. Other pieces included a dining set with soliyaaccent chairs and glass table. 

For the flooring of my booth, I got Matimco Flooring to display their Ashwood flooring in a brush finish. Matimco, the leading architectural and structural wood company in the Philippines, recently opened a new House of Wood Showroom in Sucat, Parañaque. This Cebu-based company takes pride in their enduring efforts to improve the value of every Filipino home. They are committed in fostering the culture and advocating the appreciation and preference for the use of sustainable and legitimately sourced wood.

Also at Worldbex is a Wilcon Showroom and hundreds of others spread over the two convention centers. “Worldbex 2019: A World Built Bolder” is on until March 17.

In the midst of Worldbex visits, I dropped by “Gold in Our Veins: Mark Lewis Lim Higgins,” the solo exhibit of artist Mark Higgins at the Ayala Museum. The meticulously curatedexhibition tells the story of a re-imagined antiquity through a series of portraits inspired by the ancient histories of Indochina, the East Indies, and our own archipelago. Together with these works of art are objects from the Ayala Museum’s collection handpicked by Mark to expand the exhibition’s narrative.

Mark personally toured me on a visual journey, captivated by his paintings of aristocratic men and women surrounded by tropical flora, ancient sea routes, gold ornaments, animist symbols and sacred idols, all with the complex heritage and shared cultures of Southeast Asia thrown in. “Gold in Our Veins” in on until May 26.

Let me end with a special birthday greeting to someone who has always inspired me with her unstinting work ethic, indisputable integrity and unquestioned love for family, my only sister, Sandy. 

More pics on Instagram @seaprincess888.

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