FILA Polo Cup 2015 for ISPORTLIFE Ministries


FILA, the market leader in the local sportswear industry, held its annual FILA Polo Cup last February 1, 2015 at The Manila Polo Club to support ISPORTLIFE Ministries, the non-profit subsidiary of Isport Life Inc. (FILA Philippines) headed by Mr. Butch Albert, chairman and Ms. Cris Albert, president. Mr. Albert has been recently recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of 48 notable people in the world being one of the four Filipino philanthropists amongst The Po’s, the Tan’s and Mr. Ricky Razon. The Red Team composed of Butch Albert, Santi Juban, Adrian Garcia and Coco Garcia emerged as champions from last Sunday’s Low Goal Game while the White Team composed of Iñigo Zobel, Cole Aguirre, Gregorio Gelosi and Dirk Gould won the High Goal Game. Tim Yap and Tessa Prieto-Valdez hosted the cup’s opening and awarding ceremonies.

ISPORTLIFE Ministries was born out of a burden to reach out in love, grace and compassion to the victims of the calamity that struck the provinces of Aurora and Quezon in November-December 2004. A team of Christian volunteers headed by Rolando Cucio, Mariyah Lagman and Victor Julius Ferrer organized themselves to provide emergency relief and medical assistance to the two most severely devastated barangays in Infanta. ISPORTLIFE Ministries has been supporting Filipino families through the years with the vision of having a society of progressive, self-sustaining communities passionate for God and country. Their mission is to partner with communities and organizations in extending emergency relief and holistic community development to calamity-stricken and disaster-prone, socio-economically challenged communities.

ISPORTLIFE Ministries has several campaigns namely, Operation Compassion, iFoster and iRebuild.

1. Operation Compassion – aims to share the word of God by building home churches, create and operate houses, and feed 8,000 families in Mandaluyong at least once daily, as well as provide free medical and dental check-ups
2. iFoster –spearheads foster care for children who are still in the orphanage awaiting permanent adoption. It conducts forums on foster care & adoption, hosts trainings and workshops for foster and adoptive parents, organizes foster and adoption support groups, provides technical assistance on foster care & adoption, and advocates women’s and children’s rights and protection.
3. iRebuild – handles the construction of resettlement houses in calamity stricken areas such as Bicol and Tacloban. It also provides emergency response to calamities and natural disasters, relief & medical missions, psychological counseling, camp management, holistic community development, entrepreneurship, family values & spiritual formation as well as employment and skills enhancement.

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