With the bullish trend here in Manila, we have experienced the arrival of numerous high-end home furnishing brands, and the most recent one would be Flexform. Flexform, a high end furniture specialist from Italy, focuses on its own philosophy and style which is evident in its refined, elegant and timeless intent.

Flexform’s flagship showroom in Manila, designed by Architect Ed Calma, is one of the largest Flexform showrooms present, with 900 square meters of display.

Flexform has gained its valued status in the industry worldwide as as coherent brand, with a focus on design that is always refined and elegant. Flexform invests in ensuring that they use the best quality that is needed to make a furniture piece. The brand works to build pieces with the needs of their consumer in mind, and their first mission is to satisfy the needs of the client. Fabrics, leathers, woods and metals are selected according to the highest quality standards. FLEXFORM pieces, crafted with the best materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques, are made to last the test time. As a brand that doesn’t follow trends, Flexform offers their client longevity in terms of aesthetics and its superior quality.

Flexform loves the idea of conceiving, designing and producing home furnishings that help create friendly, warm and welcoming environments. With the beginning of the success of the brand, during the 1950’s- 1960’s intuition prompted the Galimberti Family to work with the prominent designers of the time- the likes of Joe Colombo, Asnago-Vender, Cini Boeri, Rodolfo Bonetto and the young architect Antonio Citterio. To date, Flexform collaborates with leading designers – the likes of Carlo Colombo, Antonio Citterio, Daniel Libeskind to name a few.

FLEXFORM offers an extensive range of home furnishings, with a versatile and flexible collection to suit every need. Flexform intends to meet different tastes and different ideas of how to live one’s home nowadays. The brand understands that that more and more savvy and discerning consumers have the knowledge to select furnishings that display utmost quality that is with a subdued design that we can call timeless.

The ambience that Flexform offers is an investment as their designs are built to withstand the test of time- and with proper care and handling, it offers quality that will absolutely endure.

“Clients sometimes ask us to replace the covering of a sofa more than twenty years after its purchase. The structure is still solid. And the image never goes out of style.”

FLEXFORM Showroom is located at 215 Nicanor Garcia St. Bel Air 2 Makati City. Please visit www.flexform.it. Please follow Flexform’s Instagram account @flexformphilippines for more details.


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