Flower Island Resort


For over three decades, Flower Island Resort has remained off the beaten path, committed to protecting the flora and fauna surrounding the island to create a place that is in harmonic balance with nature. The result is this tropical paradise in one of the most beautiful places in the world. A testament to Filipino ingenuity and hospitality showcasing the rich and vibrant natural resources of Palawan, the Philippines’ last frontier, this hidden retreat features a total of 20 rooms, cottages, and bungalows set amid verdant foliage, white sand beaches, and azure waters teeming with marine life. Ideal for nature lovers, each cottage is made of natural local materials to evoke a touch of rustic luxury.

Surrounded by brilliant blue waters, Flower Island is home to an abundance of life that every guest can discover. Lush forest paths lined with rich trees and the calming sound of all kinds of fauna unravel incredible worlds at every turn. At The Peak, the island’s highest point, breathtaking views from every angle await the guests — a hike to The Peak at sunrise or sunset cannot be missed. Serenaded by The Peak’s fresh air, guests can opt to arrange for a stay in the tower suites for a magical night under the stars.

The resort also offers a range of activities guaranteed to please the sea-loving guests. Guests may rent paddle boards and kayaks for a brief venture into the pristine waters surrounding the island. Like many of the islands in Palawan, Flower Island is also home to a vibrant underwater world that guests can discover by snorkelling or scuba diving. Breathtaking seascapes alive with a diversity of marine life lie just beneath the glittering surface of the water. For those with an appetite for more, island hopping can take them to the surrounding areas, each with its own unique natural story.

A getaway to paradise would not be complete without moments of quiet and relaxation. Flower Island invites every guest to avail of the island’s calming amenities after hours of exploration. Installed at every room in the resort is a hammock where guests can unwind to the soothing sound of waves crashing against the shore. Those seeking a recharging massage can head over to the resort’s spa, set in a tropical oasis designed to ease both body and soul into a state of pure bliss. The island itself is full of refreshing scenery that guests can take in with all their senses to reconnect with the pulse of nature.

Guests can rejuvenate their energy and spirit at the Pearl Restaurant, the island’s cozy clubhouse serving a mouthwatering array of fusion meals. Created with openness in mind, the restaurant can likewise serve as an intimate site for a chat with fellow travellers from all over the world. Over at the resort’s bar, which faces the beach, guests can satisfy their thirst with a beer, cocktail, or various fruity concoctions. With sand between the toes and a choice of drink in hand, they can watch Palawan’s fiery sunset unfold to the symphony of nature — a magnificent experience to cap off an unforgettable stay at the island.

With both adventure and pleasure in mind, Flower Island Resort has been offering nature lovers a unique escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The privacy of the island and its endless discoveries bring you to a world completely your own. Committed to preserving Mother Nature as well as providing an unforgettable getaway, we invite you to this paradise where natural alchemy helps you regenerate your mind, body, and soul. A visit to Flower Island Resort is an experience one will treasure for a lifetime.

Flower Island Resort
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