FREEDOM – March 4th Intermural Show @ JOYA Gallery


For his fourth show at the JOYA gallery, young owner and curator Julian Ongpin wanted to break away from what he saw as the possible over-coordination of shows and allow some good friends the opportunity to adorn the walls of his space with their murals, graffiti, or ‘intermural art’. Julian says he has shifted certain aspects of the gallery so that his artist’s works more effectively ‘divest and penetrate any physical limitations and assumptions’ of the gallery. This he tells us is a key element of Intermural art as proposed by Dr. Rafael Schacter, the acclaimed author, curator and anthropologist who coined the term and also asserted that street art is simply a period of art.

“As a former graffiti artist myself, his manifesto touched me very deeply and gave me the necessary framework to enable a show which i hope to not only be truly freeing for my chosen artists but also one that may enable a wider understanding of the aesthetics and evolution of these non-traditional forms of art.”, says Julian

His chosen artists, Kristoffer Ardena, Art Tavera, and Michael Rahman De Clarin, are all artists in different stages of their artistic careers yet Julian tells us that each have undertaken significant artistic exploration in a wide range of mediums and conceptual foundations, making them excellent candidates for this new format.

Kristoffer Ardena, was just mentioned in Spain’s ABC newspaper cultural section as being among 25 artists to watch out for during the ARCO international contemporary art fair in Madrid which is ongoing since the 22nd until the 26th.

“It is my hope that they find certain sanctuary in this new label and discourse of intermural art or, ‘Art between the walls’ ’’ – Julian Ongpin


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