Fritz Hansen in Studio Dimensione


Studio Dimensione, a furniture and lifestyle shop recently opened the newly renovated showroom of Fritz Hansen that is a harmonious space between the novelty pieces and the icons.

Designed based on the global look and feel of Fritz Hansen, the new showroom is where both the novelties and the classic icons meet to create a warm Nordic space representing Fritz Hansen’s mantra of “Crafting Timeless Design”.

One of the top icons is the Egg Chair, designed by Arne Jacobsen. This iconic piece along with the Swan, Swan Sofa and the Drop were all designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in the center of Copenhagen. It is a  piece of architecture with a touch of modern, relaxed comfort, a greyish-green palette and a very successful combination of a shell building in strict and straight lines and beautiful furniture in organic curves.

Arne Jacobsen made the first shell together with the model builder Sandor Perjesi in his summerhouse, where they worked on the plaster model piling on and filing off material in order to find the perfect organic shape. The Egg, the Swan and Swan Sofa are today made of a shell in polyurethane with fiberglass reinforced edges. The shell is padded on the front side with soft foam and on the backside a layer of wool-cotton. The padded shells can be upholstered with a huge variety of fabrics in a numerous number of colors and shades and in leather.

To showcase the genuine craftsmanship & premium quality of the Egg Chair, Studio Dimensione brought in Fritz Hansen’s master craftsman- Hans Mannerhagen to demonstrate the actual hand- stitching done for the Egg Chair. The stitching of the upholstery is made by hand. Two stitches will never be identical, but it follows the rhythm and cadence of the upholsterer. An Egg in fabric has more than 500 handmade stitches and more than 1100 stitches in leather. Truly it only takes an original to make an original.

For the Novelties section, Jaime Hayon is now the go-to designer of Fritz Hansen, giving the classic portfolio of Fritz Hansen a breath of fresh air and a younger perspective. Last April, the Lune Sofa designed by Jaime Hayon was launched during the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Lune in Danish refers to a certain coveted, ideal temperature and the feeling one gets when everything is just right or simply put, comfort. That is precisely how Lune makes you feel. The sculptural and curvy Lune Sofa perfectly complements the classic iconic pieces of the collection. It captures the intersection between clean Nordic aesthetics and southern elegance.

For Lune, the upholstery was chosen quite meticulously. The choice of fabric of the Designer Selections is cotton only, with the purpose of creating a comfortable seat with an exceptionally soft touch. The fabric, Linara by Romo, is a cotton-linen blend fabric; it is piece dyed meaning that color differences can appear within batches and make each sofa a unique item.

In order to provide the best seating feeling, the cushions are made of four layers of materials: A layer of support webbing at the bottom, the cushion foam in the middle and a layer of feathers made of duck and goose on top of it, all covered by the upholstered fabric. When seated, one feels the comfort and softness of the material instantly, as the cushions shape with the body seated on it. This characteristic of comfort will cause the cushions to remain shaped and return to its original expression.

Lune is the very essence of a warm and cozy setting, with a dash of exclusivity and urbanity to it. The result is comfortable and beautifully looking sofa from every angle.

Check out the latest Fritz Hansen Collection at Studio Dimensione: One Parkade, 28th St. cor 7th St., BGC, Taguig Tel No. (02) 7363728.


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