Get good Feng Shui and see Ayala Malls’ Stylescapes


The Year of the Metal Rat begins on January 25. The Rat is the first animal in the Chinese zodiac hierarchy that indicates the start of a 12-year cycle. This year is a period of renewed energy, enthusiasm and hope for better circumstances. 

In terms of this year’s economic forecast, earth elements industries such as real estate properties, building materials, landfill, recycling, storage and warehousing, construction, hospitality, car parks, and other earth-related industries are extremely auspicious in 2020.

Energies are constantly flowing into and out of different locations within our homes and offices. Placing Feng Shui enhancers in auspicious areas within the establishment could help enhance the positive luck indications. Likewise, placing cures in the areas that indicate unlucky energies could help reduce the influence of such negative stars, thus maximizing the Feng Shui of your home.

The four directions that need cures are North (Grand Duke Jupiter), East (Five Yellow Misfortune Star), Southeast (Three Killings) and South (Two Black Star). There are some tips to help protect the afflicted areas.

If your front door, bedroom or kitchen is located at east, you can lay a grey or white carpet to solve the problem. Do not place soil-cultured potted plants in the due east of your living room but aquatic plants are fine. Also, you can place Five-Emperor Coins, or metal Pi Xiu or copper bells in the due east.

To cure the South, place items like woodcarving, clay sculpture or potted plants in this area. Metal Feng Shui items, such as Five-Emperor Coins, copper Pi Xiu and copper gourd with strong positive energy, are suggested in the South absorb the negative effects of Two Black. 

Put metal Feng Shui items like Pi Xiu, shoe-shaped ingot and Bagua mirror on the North sector to drive away the evil spirits. This year, groundbreaking, decoration, green or blue plants should be avoided in the due north of your home. If your front door, bedroom or office is at this direction, you may place a red or purple blanket at the entrance to solve the problem.

The luckiest direction of the house is Northwest. The northwest direction of the house should be kept clean in order to attract more wealth in 2020. It’s good to have your door and window opened at northwest. If your front door, bedroom or office is at northwest, you’d better place a red or purple blanket at the entrance to strengthen its force. Place Pi Xiu item at this direction could also help maintain and attract wealth for family. 

For 2020, add new furniture to enhance auspicious Feng Shui energy. The recently installed Ayala Malls’ Stylescapes showcase at Greenbelt 5 Gallery has a lot of new ideas and interior design trends for 2020. Designed by Cyndi Fernandez of Moss Manila, we collaborated for this beautiful vignette. Visit the showcase until January 23. Ayala Malls’ Stylescapes is co-presented by Avida Land. 

Moss Manila Home is keeping up with the trends of 2020 starting with the release of its Fifth Year Anniversary Collection aptly named the Gemstone Collection featuring pieces in this year’s Pantone color of the year: Classic Blue. The design house combines tactile textures with layered patterns. The Charlotte wired chair in blue velvet and gold base is a favorite piece amongst their clients.  Another trend is curved furniture that is seen in most of their pieces like the Khloe curved sofa. Part of this collection is also a comeback of their 2014 bestseller, the gold laser cut Yakan stool that uses a beautiful blue and cream t’nalak fabric from Cotabato.    

They have also released a series of dividers, reviving this classic home staple into their signature style of jewel tone colors and gold stud details. 

Moss Manila Home plans to re-create more classic pieces and spin it into their signature style of CURATED ECLECTICISM following the intentional eclectic design style the house is known for.  All furniture released are locally made and designed by sister Cyndi Fernandez-Beltran and Happy Fernandez.  These are done can be customized and ordered via their showroom in New Manila.  Other details can be found in their instagram account @mossmanilahome or inquiries may be sent thru

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