This year’s Ghost Month has already started last August 11 and ends on September 9. In Chinese culture, this is the 7th lunar month commonly referred to as the Hungry Ghost Month, which corresponds to Halloween in Western culture, with the actual Hungry Ghost Day falling on August 25. The Chinese believe that on this day, the gates of Hell open up, releasing spirits to visit the living, seeking to be fed.

During this period, it is recommended to avoid starting a business, moving house or buying property. Strictly avoid any major renovations. Those who have started before the Ghost Month may continue the renovation. Otherwise, reschedule after the last day of the Ghost Month.

A Feng Shui Almanac is a valuable guide for scheduling important personal and business activities on favorable days to guarantee positive results. For extra protection, Feng Shui expert Marites Allen recommends displaying the Five Element Pagoda in the home and office, or wearing protective amulets like mantra accessories and medallions. In her Frigga Charmed Life boutiques, shawls with protective mantras and symbols sell fast nearing the Ghost Month.

The location of the stairway should not face the main door.

A good feng shui house always brings profitable financial investment. Apart from location, its feng shui should be a key factor in the selection process. Investing into a new property – brand new or otherwise, always comes with excitement, stress, fears or doubts. Incorporating feng shui analysis into it will help eliminate the worries.

Marites always looks at several factors in settling for a good investment – the lot area placement (size and shape), type of neighborhood / village and of course location. Points to consider are excellent surroundings, peaceful and clean street with no obscure structure hitting the house, or it is not a T-junction, cul de sac or dead-end location property. Some exception applies to the rule though – if your property is a T-junction but your land is elevated in such a way that your house is built higher than the road, and you introduce meandering steps going up before it reaches your main door, then it should be fine.

Use bright exterior colours to bring good feng shui. The main entrance door should be solid, sturdy and welcoming

Standard principles apply when one is buying property in a feng shui way – the house is best backed with a mountain behind for support. The backyard is best if it is larger than the front area of the house. An ideal entrance should have a wide, well-lit opening to bring in good energy.

Other considerations should include:

  • Feel the breeze coming in from your main door, is it welcoming? Not obstructed?
  • Is there no direct door alignment from front to back? This is not a very good feng shui house if your main entrance is facing your back-door entrance. Where is the staircase located, is it facing the main door?
  • It is always a no no to have a toilet on top of the main door.
  • Is the master’s bedroom on top of a kitchen?
  • Is there a toilet / toilet bowl on top of the dining table?
  • Is the master’s headboard sharing the same wall with the toilet?
  • Where is the swimming pool located? Front or back of the house?

All these are definitely important factors to consider when one is looking for a good property to invest.

As the main door is considered to be the “mouth” or the receiving entrance of the “Chi” / energy of the house, check out the structure on how the main door is constructed. A solid wood, sturdy, and good size door would mean that the house should be able to receive a good energy nourishment that could enter and permeate to the rest of the house. The main facing direction of the house should face the lucky direction of the family members. Having a good landscape prior to the main door entrance is always a good feng shui consideration.

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