Grand Hyatt Manila


Located in Bonifacio Global City, Grand Hyatt Manila has dramatically changed the skyline of Metro Manila as the tallest building in the country.

The 66-storey mixed-used skyscraper is part of Federal Land’s Grand Central Park mixed-used complex.The Metrobank Financial Center serves as a common podium of the building with the Grand Hyatt Residences, a 45-storey condominium skyscraper.

The building pinnacle height is 281.78 m (924.5 ft) while its height up to its roof is 250 m (820 ft). The hotel has 461 guest rooms. It also hosts three major restaurants namely The Grand Kitchen, No. 8 China House, and The Peak. It also has meeting and events rooms covering 2,281 m2(24,550 sq ft).

The Peak Bar

The Peak is the newest establishment to open in the hotel. The interior design theme of the restaurant and bar takes its inspiration from organic nature and contemporary oriental vibe.

Japanese designer, Nao Taniyama, and his team were inspired by the octagonal solihiya cane weave that is a prevalent design detail on furniture and panels. Solihiya is rattan caning and was attributed to a colonial period or look used for beds and chairs as an airy upholstery material suitable for tropical climes. This pattern and derivatives of it were used to form the woven structures in the The Peak at Grand Hyatt Manila.

The dramatic structures envisioned by Nao Taniyama Associates and executed by contractor and manufacturer, Premiere Alliance Property Construction Corp. have an industrial and contemporary edge using bamboo woven on stainless steel frames.

Cozy Lounge Area at The Peak

Producing the structures had an organic, forest-to-factory approach. Our team went to the hinterlands of Cebu to source for 12-foot bamboo stalks. Timing the harvest of the bamboo is key to its longevity and preservation. The best time to harvest bamboo is the shoulder season between end of rainy and the start of the dry seasons. Bamboo possesses high amounts of starch which attracts parasites and borers. Starch content is highest during the day due to photosynthesis. With this in mind, bamboo was only harvested from midnight to six in the morning. By observing this method, bamboo harvested were less attractive to insects, lighter to transport and adverse to damage.

To achieve the desired moisture content, bamboo poles were sundried and heated in low fire before they were naturally treated for infestation. The bamboo poles were then machine cut to achieve the specified thickness and width. Fine hand sanding was applied to maintain the integrity of the bamboo and its natural nodes. Nippon Paint created two custom paint colours for the project which coated the bamboo before the weaving process. Weaving templates were created for the different intricate patterns which guided the able craftsmen to produce these intersecting steel and bamboo structures.

Solilla inspired dining

Weaves and steel frames were shipped from the Mactan Island factory in containers and assembled elaborately and precisely paneled on the top two floors of Grand Hyatt Residences, now the tallest building in the Philippines. It was a collaborative effort which took a year in completion by the visionary team of Premiere Alliance Property Construction Corp consisting of engineers, consultants, bamboo cutters, machinists, finishers, weavers, metalsmiths and assemblers who carefully studied each step to execute the exemplary design of Nao Taniyama Associates for the golden spire of the flagship building of GT Capital Holdings Inc.

The marker at the hotel’s lobby was unveiled on September 2017 by George Ty of Federal Land and President Rodrigo Duterte. With The Peak now open, Grand Hyatt Manila has more establishments for guests to enjoy since the hotel’s opening on January 23 this year.

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