(Gucci) Fashion makes the world more interesting


Fashion makes the world a lot more interesting. It is only in this colorful and stylish world where creative juices may flow freely with no technical boundaries or design limitations.

In the fashion world, Gucci is one of the leading brands that has been pushing fashion’s boundaries for decades. The latest Gucci Fall Winter 2018 Collection – Cyborg goes further beyond, opening a field of fresh possibilities. I was lucky to be part of the media group invited to the Gucci F/W 2018 Asia Press Open House in Hong Kong, where I got to experience the fashion detailing of Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s relatively new creative director. With his streak of mystery and eccentricity, Alessandro has truly shaken the Gucci brand.

Cyborg was an amazing show, including dragon puppies, doubling heads, eyes on hands, and faun horns. This Gucci Cyborg era is where boundaries are broken. The idea is, once broken, we get a new identity. Gucci Cyborg signifies the possibility of being liberated from the confines of the natural condition we are born into.

He said the reference had been taken from his reading of the feminist philosopher Donna Haraway’s 1984 “A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century.”

In the collection, we saw a lot of contrasting ideas such as the collaboration of Paramount Pictures and Major League Baseball in one piece, an Oriental-inspired jacket with traditional buttons but with a Paramount logo at the back. With no clear definitions, the possibilities were endless in the collection.

Alessandro wanted inspiration from all around the world. There was a lot of relevant Eastern inspiration, like body jewelry, as well as Oriental inspiration that signified breaking cultural boundaries and infusing everything into one space. The collection mirrored Alessandro’s view of what he wants society to be.

The men’s collection included a lot of detailed tailoring. There was a new silhouette consisting of a long shirt with two front pockets, signifying functionality. There was a lot of layering as well, bringing traditional women’s styling into the men’s line.

In the case of women’s evening looks, the handmade embroidery showed a superb level of craftsmanship. The looks were very delicate and much like a piece of art. By putting the Paramount logo on an evening dress, Alessandro brought the idea of putting fun into an evening look.

The Gucci bag collection for F/W 2018 is infused with the spirit of sport and decorative exuberance. It offers a wide variety of styles in different sizes, ranging from large totes to small evening shoulder bags and belt bags, and incorporates a number of different materials. However, the common denominator throughout is Gucci’s distinctive, eclectic aesthetic and use of House motifs, as well as other emblems, adopted from new partners and historical sources.

The multi-pocket backpack style is key for the season, and it comes in wrinkled nylon, recalling the 80s, in black, yellow and turquoise, with multi-colored terry patches and the Gucci logo, and interlocking G for decoration. An additional variation on the sporting theme comes in the form of two spherical leather cases – a bowling ball case (small size) and basketball case (large size). There are also bright, multi-colored variants of the camera bag in contrasting metallics. All camera bags feature the same interlocking-G-with-horsebits detail in gold and silver as seen on the small leather shoulder bags, and a unique shoulder strap, made of three leather strips braided together, which can be adjusted from the inside.

Keys to completing the Gucci look are sunglasses and shoes. Journey – the IT shoe of the season is a fashion statement, both for men’s and women’s. It’s inspired by a mountain trekking shoe and has the Gucci logo in the SEGA print. It is enriched with crisscrossed crystals on the top and with new color variations.

I am not an expert fashion critic but I know a curiously compelling collection when I see one. This particular collection was totally appealing to me because of special effects especially the “Game of Thrones” dragon babies carried by the models. Alessandro fleshed out his chimeric fantasy with the aid of Makinarium, a group of techno-artisans in Rome who create lifelike visual effects, and who are responsible for the cloned heads, extra eyeballs, and dragon babies that made such a striking impression on the runway.

Gucci logos were everywhere and there were branded love letters to Sega, Major League Baseball, manga, Paramount, and Russ Meyer. The individual pieces of each collection offer potent personality. Now it’s up to you to mix-and-match your way to a new identity.

The best part about being invited to the Gucci Open House is the shopping afterwards! Upon checking in at the brand new, uber stylish The Murray Hong Kong, we were greeted by Team Gucci led by Sheryl Tam – Marketing & Communications Director, Gucci SEAP who gave us lots of free time to shop.

Metro Society editor Raul Manzano and eventologist Tim Yap joined me in checking out the new styles of Gucci. Rachelle Sayed – Associate Marketing Manager, Gucci Philippines (SSI) explained some of the new collection details. I was half expecting the severed heads and dragon puppies to be the latest “It” bag.

Check out the Luxury issue of Lifestyle Asia with its covergirls all wearing Gucci. Gorgeous ladies Laura Lehmann, Xandra Araneta and Lauren Liechtenstein are featured in the latest Gucci for SSI 30th Anniversary.

Lifestyle Asia Cover girls Laura Lehmann, Xandra Araneta and Lauren Liechtenstein

In the Philippines, Gucci is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc., and is located at Greenbelt 4 and Shangri-La East Wing. Follow @ssilifeph on Instagram for more information.

Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez at Gucci Greenbelt 4

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