Happy 2019!


Happy 2019! It is the Year of the Earth Boar and it starts on February 5. The auspicious number 8 is in the Center of the Annual Flying Star chart making this year lucky for everyone in the family.

The country’s leading Feng Shui expert Marites Allen has shared some wonderful tips to enhance the home for 2019. Feng Shui as a discipline has a time dimension to it. It means that energy is always moving, transforming, increasing or decreasing. It is never stagnant. Using different enhancers to further boost your good fortune or create harmony in your home could activate the positive energies in a specific sector of the home. We always believe that prevention is better than the cure, so here are some tips to help boost your overall good luck and suppress the afflicted energies in any given sector of your property. 

The Center sector of every home is in for auspicious wealth in both personal and business aspects. To benefit from this good news, enhance the center of your living space with water fountains, auspicious coin drapes, coin paintings, Tree of Life artwork, wealth ships, or wealth ingots. 

Good prospects for power, unexpected wealth, career and recognition await the Rabbit-born who will benefit by carrying the windfall amulet. East-facing homes will reap the full potential of this lucky star. Display the Lotus flower or the 8 auspicious symbols for overall support. 

Homes facing Southeast may face possible robbery, injury and accident coupled with emotional stress. Protect this sector by displaying Fu Dogs or the Blue Rhino and Elephant. The Dragon  and Snake should wear the floral mantra medallion with evil eye and anti-robbery medallion to prevent risk of losing money, opportunity or prevent accidents. 

The dreaded Misfortunate Star in the Soutwest brings very negative effects to occupants of this sector. Postpone any major renovations, avoid creating loud noise, and do not put bright lights in this area of the home. This star has strong effects on Sheep and Monkey-born people, who must be protected by wearing 5-element pagoda charm and ultimate mantra medallion. Display the 5-element pagoda and remove any fire or earth element in this sector. 

The Northwest sector of homes has indications of some future expansion and growth luck. Activate this sector with six-tier water fountains or infinity symbol. Everyone in the family could experience great success and wealth luck by wearing a lucky nine charms or any wealth symbols to ensure a continuous flow of good fortune especially to Dog and Boar-born people. 

Occupants in the Northeast area of the home will be challenged with health issues. Minimize these negative energies by displaying the protective medicine mantra or health longevity plaque. Tiger and Ox-born people and those animal signs afflicted this year should wear the auspicious Ruyi and the astrology medallion which will encourage more strength, courage and wisdom. 

The North sector occupied by Rat-born will benefit from good luck in academic, positive career, romance and travel opportunities. Display a pair of mandarin ducks, double happiness symbols to enjoy relationship luck. Rotating Globe can also speed up travel luck. 

To buy a new house now, the best directions, the house should be facing are north or east and southwest. Do not buy a house with the facing as northwest or southeast as you will get into financial difficulties. All these for the houses or buildings built from 2003 to 2023.

Partly, Feng Shui is using our common sense. Clearing out clutter, getting rid of old and unused items, creating a more peaceful environment. Getting rid of clutter opens us space and creates new energy to flow better. It is best to start clearing the home around two to three weeks before Chinese New Year. 

There are visible and invisible energies that have an effect on you. The floor plan of your home, the land and buildings surrounding your home or office, furniture placement, and the alignment of doors are just a few examples of Feng Shui issues.

There are also symbolic things that can block our flow. For example, dead plants can stagnate Ch’i, therefore stagnating your progress.

Before February 5, enhance the entire home with new elements like paintings, furniture, curtains or lightings. May 2019 bring you more wealth and happiness in your family and harmonious days in your home. 

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