Hello Heliocare Summer!


It’s not yet summer but it seems like the sun decided to start his work early! As the summer days start rolling in and as we plan our holidays at the beach or wherever, make sure that your skin is protected with the best! Let’s say Hello to a Heliocare Summer!

We’ve been told that we should wear sunblock when we go out to the beach or to anywhere it’s sunny. Then we were told that we should put on sunblock even if it’s just going out of your home. Though sunblock provides topical skin protection, we often miss out on certain parts of the body or we have to continuously slather it on.

This is where Heliocare comes in – it is an oral capsule that can help protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Couple that with Heliocare sunscreen, and you have complete sun protection with the added benefit of anti oxidants!

Heliocare is an all natural oral antioxidant which helps protect against UV ray damage and aging! On the study about the supplement, it says that the extract increases skin tolerance to sunlight by a factor of 2.81, but most of its benefits come from the role it can play molecularly at the skin level.

We had a wonderful tea party and there were awesome prizes from Huma Island, Discovery Primea and Balesin Island Club! There were also perfect margaritas care of Cointreau and Casa Noble tequila and this absolutely wonderful drink that involved diluted pulvoron! All made by top barista at Long Bar, Ryan!! We also had giveaways from Renuzit!

Discovery Primea is the newest hotel and serviced residence along Ayala Avenue in Makati and they’ve recently just opened their restaurant, Tapenade! Check it out!!


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