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Horizon Homes opened the doors of their much anticipated show suite, offering select guests an exclusive peek into what it would be like to live life on top. Situated at the uppermost floors of Shangri-La at The Fort, it is the crowning glory of the mixed-use development. With only 98 units available, Horizon Homes offers Manila’s privileged few a lifestyle like no other.

Located at the 43rd floor of the 61-floor skyscraper, the Horizon Homes show suite welcomed its very first guests. Horizon Homes and Shangri-La at The Fort worked in collaboration with one of the best creative forces in interior design to bring together the luxurious show suite.

Top-Quality Interior Design

FM Architettura d’Interni, an Italian-based interior design company was commissioned to bring the Shangri-La philosophy to life. Its founders, Francesca Muzio and Maria Silvia Orlandini, are world-renowned for their expertise on mega-yachts of the world’s super rich. Their notable projects also include the presidential suite of Shangri-La at The Shard in London and the residential complex in Jing-an, Shanghai. “Our design philosophy involves mixing different styles and textures, and we strongly believe in an exchange of culture and tradition. We envisioned this unit to reflect what it means to live in the Shangri-La,” said the designers.

Excellence and attention to detail are already apparent upon entry, with shapes and textures blending together in perfect harmony. The show suite’s neautral color palette lends the space a cozy yet sophisticated feel. “One of our objectives is to give people an idea of what they can do with all the space they’re given,” they said.

The result is a show suite that is truly remarkable, as it showcases a good mix of the works of the best artisans that both Italy and the Philippines have to offer. The coffee table located at the main salon is a point of interest, with its main structure made of fine Italian wood and steel, topped with shagreen, a luxurious decorative material sourced from Cebu, a favorite of the designers. The kitchen, with its exquisite white marble and steel finishes, beautifully showcases the Sub-Zero and Miele appliances that equip every unit.

“The units of Horizon Homes were designed to last several lifetimes, which we also wanted to reflect in our designs. Using these layers of neutral and clean colors and textures, the space becomes timeless.”

The Luxury of Space

In a crowded space like Manila, it is rare to find a modern development that offers as much space as this. The four-bedroom unit of 418 square meters which houses the show suite was specifically designed with its future owners in mind.

It all starts upon entry into Horizon Homes, where high-speed dedicated lifts take residents straight up to their own private lobbies.

The unit’s spacious main salon was designed for residents who love to host private parties, giving them the option for both formal and casual get-togethers. Nearby is a breakfast nook where residents can enjoy their morning coffee while overlooking the city and Lagna Bay. Beside it is a home-office corner that lets residents take inspiration from the floor-to-ceiling view of the twinkling city lights in from of them. At the other side of the unit are two kitchens, one where home-cooked meals are concoted every day, and a show kitchen where the gracious hostess can continue chatting with her guests while putting the finishing touches to her signature dishes.

Through the hallway is the family room, where the children can watch TV and run around in privacy while their parents entertain guests at the main salon. The ensuite bathrooms in every bedroom give the residents the option for quick showers or long, relaxing pampering sessions.

On top of the luxury of space each resident is given, they also enjoy the benefits of living in a Shangri-La managed home, giving them convenient access to everything the hotel below has to offer. Gone are the days of worrying about maids, drivers, or gardeners, as Shangri-La can offer all that and more.

Owning a Piece of the Shangri-La

Horizon Homes residents get only the best of the best, owning a piece of the Shangri-La and all that comes with it, enjoying exclusive access to all Shangri-La Hotels, Kerry Sports Center, and the complex’s numerous restaurants and retail components. Shangri-La at the Fort is also strategically located at the heart of Bonifacio Global City, where residents enjoy convenient access to Manila’s fastest-developing community. The Philippine Stock Exchange, Bonifacio High Street, international schools, and one of Manila’s best hospitals are all within walking distance.

John Rice, General Manager of Shangri-La at The Fort adds, “This show suite serves as a taste of the life you could have as a Horizon Homes resident. Through this we want to show you that we’re giving you a space you can call your own, and provide you a lifestyle no other development can offer. In fact it’s not just for its residents today and the near future, it’s a home you and your family can keep forever.”

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