Improving your personal space with MAV Furniture and Moss Manila


This third extension of the quarantine is the perfect time to firm up future plans as we bravely cross to the new world with hope and fervor to recreate meaningful lives with new paradigms. We are given precious time to pick up a new hobby or finally work on redesigning our home with existing or new pieces when the lockdown is over.

Coming into our second month of the government imposed ECQ throughout different regions, many are feeling stifled and contracted. Not being able to enjoy life fully, we have developed different kinds of coping techniques to make sure are come out of the crisis fully rejuvenated. 

We have been removed from our own comfort zones, in varying degrees, and this dilemma has somehow pushed us into different realizations. Apart from ensuring the safety of our family, we’ve realized how important it is to have a home that we love being stuck in. 

Now that the whole metropolis has moved a step towards a Modified ECQ, it’s about time to notice and also enhance those spaces we took for granted. Empty spaces and minute accents are now sources of inspiration. With nice cozy interiors and well-appointed furniture, we get to cherish even the most obscure corner as we are left no choice but to spend more time in it. Who knows when this crisis will end? You may have to linger in that corner longer than you know.

With that in mind, we now aspire to turn that dull corner in your living area into a tasteful reading nook, highlighted by a plush chair and a frothy Dalgona coffee on the side. We rise into a sexy vibration while finishing that book that just gathered dust as we will be spending more time at home with our families. This is our new challenge! Operation: Quarantine home improvement!

Mav Furniture will take on this challenge with you as it open its doors… well slightly.. to its beloved clients. Bearing in mind your safety, they will implement a “by appointment” system. Have the whole showroom space to yourself starting May 19, 2020 till May 31, 2020 and enjoy an exclusive 40% off on all Mav items, including new collections …. YES… fresh from the box designs are also at a discount. Book a private showroom tour now for our Rockwell Powerplant mall Pop up or Mav Greenhills showroom located at 51 Connecticut St., Greenhills, San Juan City.

Appreciate the comfort that MAV brings.

During these times, we discover how it is to be at home, feel at home, and create the real home we’ve always desired. 

Call a Mav Furniture sales designer now at (0917) 628 3725 or visit our website for more product infos www.mavfurniture .com  #MavAtHome

For those who are living in more confined spaces, here’s an idea to look great during your “work from home” meetings. Cyndi Fernandez of Moss Manila has created a digital Zoom Wall for you to use to create a new scene as your background. There are several designs to choose from and they are also perfect for Zoom parties.

Check out their Instagram, Moss Manila for other design ideas for future interior design options. Moss Manila Home now has delivery for home decors as well for post- Mother’s Day gifts or any of the milestones you are celebrating during quarantine. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy and always be inspired! 

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