Ipanema at Malasimbo 2016!


Three nights filled with music, arts, lights and dance marked the first weekend of the annual Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival 2016. Held recently at the beautiful island of Puerto Galera, Malasimbo 2016 was a feast for all senses with its amazing line up of local and international artists, state-of-the-art light installations, and artworks.

Sponsored by the premium Brazilian footwear brand Ipanema, the highly-anticipated musical event gathered hundreds of art and music-loving locals and tourists to Mount Malasimbo to enjoy a weekend of Malasimbo magic.

“It is a privilege to partner with Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival,” says ELRO Retail Corporation Marketing Head Cecille Loretizo. “This festival promotes world-class arts and culture and we want to take part in this global vision. This year, Malasimbo Festival 2016 features back-to-back activities and we want every festival goer to experience the “Malasimbo Magic’ comfortably.”

Ipanema is designed with a special flexpand material that makes it durable and flexible. Made from 100% recyclable PVC, the footwear offers a wide range of flip flops, sandals and wedges available in a spectrum of colours and finishes. With this, Ipanema is your go-to footwear for the Malasimbo festival because it provides unique comfort to your feet and concern for the environment.

Mount Malasimbo was turned into a music and arts haven with 24 thought-provoking installations created by 26 talented local and foreign artists. Local and foreign acts delighted the audience with their mix of soul, jazz, hip hop to world contemporary music. One of the highlights of the festival was acclaimed UK musician Jacob Collier who showcased his stunning ability to create “a digital one-man band using contemporary technologies. Local music artists Sinosikat?, Reo Brothers and CRWN also crooned to hundreds of local and foreign revelers.

Coinciding with the festival is Rider’s Kiteboarding Exhibition at Elizabeth’s Hideaway Sand Bar. Team Captain of Blue Kiteboarding Paula Rosales together with a group of professional riders from across the world led the exhibition. Paula harnessed the power of Puerto Gallera’s wind and waves to deliver an action-packed freestyle exhibition to the crowd.

Ipanema is one with Malasimbo in bringing local and international talents in one magical place for a weekend of world-class music and impressive line up of art.

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