The digital age is really upon us. These days we have apps for everything – from shopping, Health, love and everything else in between. Pinoy apps have been around as well but Kumu is one super app that we see a lot of potential to be the super app we need.

What is this all about? Why do we need another messenger app? What exactly is Kumu?

It is a localized communication app for the Filipino people. Localized messenger apps are taking over Asia. There’s WeChat, Kakao, Line, Zalo and Hike. Part of it means designing for the realities and constraints of digital communication in Philippines. Taking into consideration that internet connection is not the best here in the Philippines, Kumu took that into consideration and worked on that to make sure video and voice calls are clear and optimized for low connectivity settings.

Founders Rexy Dorado and Roland Ros with Tech head Andrew Pineda

It is also a media network for the next generation of Filipino creativity!  Filipinos are some of the most creative people in the world. But historically, that creativity hasn’t been given the right platform to flourish. People leave the country to be Broadway actors and musicians. The local media landscape remains monopolized and insular. Tapping into our innate creativity isn’t just a matter of expression and inspiration — it’s also the key to surviving the next decade of disruption.

The Kumu Explore tab is a platform for the digital creative economy in the Philippines. Beginning with their livestream network, Kumu Explore will be the home to artists, journalists, students, vloggers, historians, musicians, comedians, and all kinds of creative talent from across the global Filipino community.

Kumu wants to build a digital economy of services that make life easier in the Philippines. The Filipino people are naturally viral. Makati was once named the selfie capital of the world, and the Philippines was ranked #1 in terms of average time spent on social media.

Later this year, Kumu will be releasing some solutions to make life a little easier for Pinoys: they are working to make remittances, shopping, payroll, food delivery, and Balikbayan Boxes to be as fast and easy as posting a selfie.

At Kumu, the vision is to harness the full promise of the internet and digital technology to unlock the power of the Filipino people. The internet can build stronger communities rather than divide them, make life easier instead of distracting us from what matters. Digital media can inspire us and broaden our imaginations. Kumu hopes to be, more than any single thing, a vehicle to make these possibilities real. Kumu wants to be a platform for the future of the Filipino community, a Filipino renaissance that is rising and gaining momentum.

We hope you join us in getting there! We need all the Filipino spirit spirit and energy for the journey ahead. Let’s start our Digital Bayanihan with Kumu.

Kumu is now available on the Google Play and App Store. Learn more at our website:

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