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In the world of high-end luxury kitchen solutions, La Cornue may be regarded as one of the most premium brands. Experts in tailor-made systems to satisfy each personal aesthetic, La Cornue is exclusively produced to order and made to measure in a range of colors and finishes without equivalent.

La Cornue is a very different French company. Enjoying manufacturing exceptional products since 1908, they share the refinement and conviviality with the world, federating a unique lifestyle: the French art de vivre.

Albert Dupuy was passionate about cooking and in 1908, he filed a patent for the first vaulted gas oven which would become the masterpiece of La Cornue kitchen ranges. Through his own passion, his son André Dupuy decided fifty years ago that La Cornue would focus solely on producing excellence and creating the most beautiful ranges in the world. And so, the first superlative range appeared in 1964: the Château La Cornue.

Every Château range created today is an original, individually numbered by the craftsman who created it. It is manufactured as a single unit, to order, assembled by one craftsman.

In 2010 and in response to increasingly specific demands for excellence, founder’s grandson, Xavier Dupuy, has provided La Cornue’s Culinary Architecture service, the creation of a complete and bespoke kitchen around La Cornue’s ranges and products. Unique in the world, this service brings together the grand instrument and also the furniture and fittings, the ventilation, refrigerators, wine cellars and utensils…the dream of every exacting amateur cook.

Luxurious materials, La Cornue expertise, exclusive vaulted ovens, professional burners in solid brass and the hot plate offer uncompromised culinary performance, as good as the very best professional equipment. A prestigious line of legendary kitchen ranges, the “Château” range represents the finest offering with eight splendid models.

Viewing the production of the ranges at the La Cornue factory just outside Paris, I marveled at every detail that goes into making this kitchen masterpiece. Each piece is handmade by some employees that have skillfully worked in the same factory for the past 25 years.

Apart from the unique materials used, La Cornue also has patents like the vaulted oven and RCC disc (cast iron disc that rotates the air to prevent dryness) and many more.

After the impressive factory tour, the group led by La Cornue Philippines’ Archie Nacpil was invited to a special lunch at their Paris showroom where Chef Stephon prepared a delicious roast lamb using the Flamberge. Also on display at the showroom was La Cornue Chateau 150 Lex Pott edition in solid oxidized brass.

La Cornue’s most-sought after island kitchen set, the La Château 150 series, has achieved a surmountable amount of success in the last five decades, thus revealing the Château 150: Carbon to celebrate its 50th anniversary.  

Meticulously clad in matte carbon fiber panels, this special item is finished with chrome-plated metal tinted in black, adding a modernistic façade while still maintaining its classic touch.

Available in the showroom for viewing, however, are its brighter counterparts in burgundy decked with gold trims, and the classic pure white. The La Château 150 cookers are fully equipped with two standard vaulted ovens – one gas, one electric – and offer eleven configurations to combine exquisite cooking performance and glamour, preserving the perfect balance of symmetry, design, and function. Atop each cooker stands the signature Hotte Château hood. This trapezoid, wall-mounted hood is installed as a separate item, and can be customized – by color and trim – to match any specified cooker within the Château range.

To witness ingenuity firsthand, visit their showroom at the 2nd floor of W Highstreet Building, 28th Street corner 11th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila. Inquire at +632-585-96-37. Contact La Cornue at +632-802-97-19 or

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