Local Luxury That is Your Own: The Pacific Capsule Collection


From its founding in 1980 to its retail boom in the 90s to early 2000s, Philux was the go-to brand for fine traditional hardwood furniture. Ask your favorite aunt and she will most likely say she has at least one Philux piece in pine wood or radiata. 

In recent years, however, Philux has evolved into a more creative brand offering fresher furniture designs and has been pushing its boundaries through its collaborations with artists such as Bea Valdes and Solenn Heussaff, to name a few. 

In its day to day operations, Philux offers its clientele a sense of similar collaborative process.  Clients personalize their furniture through a selection of wood, wood finishes, metal finishes, fabrics, handles, and matting design options. Needless to say, each Philux piece is the client’s very own. 

As the brand continuously strives to evolve in terms of design to speak to a wider market, it never forgets to look back and nurture the elegance of sleek, contemporary, and functional designs that evoke simplicity at its finest.

This was the inspiration behind the Pacific capsule collection and its well executed pieces. “This collection is all about comfort, functionality, and design. Each furniture piece has a luxurious aesthetic with its deep seating, plush pillows, and solid wood tops, and like any Philux piece, can be personalized for our clients,” shares Philux Head Designer, Jessica Kienle Maxwell. 

Jessica, along with her sister and Philux COO Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez, have been at the forefront of the company that their parents, Max and Zelda Kienle, established and have been the driving force behind Philux’s renewed vibrance.

“Jess and I were inspired by our own homes and the home that we both grew up in. We wanted to create the perfect sofa that is suitable for every home. A sofa so versatile it can be used in a formal living room setting, or in the TV den where the family would enjoy lounging in”, says Stephanie.

The Pacific sectional sofa is the highlight of the Pacific collection. It is a modular sectional sofa which allows for various configurations using the different modules- a two seater, a 3 seater, a meridienne that all come with armrest options. This makes the sectional versatile enough for big homes and small condos. It has wide and deep seat cushions and a set of loose back cushions which ensure great back comfort. Its tapered legs are made of metal that comes in different finishes.  

The Pacific nesting coffee tables are made of solid wood and have solid brass foot caps. These sleek tables can be displayed in whichever way and can be ordered in any wood or wood finish available. 

The Luna round ottoman is made of an upholstered seating that can function as a table top as well. This multifaceted piece has stainless steel legs and can come in different fabric designs. 

“This collection is about going back to the basics but with a modern twist,” says Jessica. “At the end of the day, it is about high quality and this is something Philux has been mastering and continue to master for almost 40 years,”

“We take pride in our Filipino roots and in the craftsmanship executed by our skilled Filipino artisans. We have been consistent in our drive to continuously create beautiful, timeless, local luxury pieces that are our clients’ very own and provide an after sales service unlike any other, ” Stephanie shares. 

Philux is located in Rockwell, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, LRI Design Plaza, Philux Home at Shang at The Fort, Bicutan in the South, and soon to open in Trinoma. 

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