Make yourself a gift to the world!


My January has started with so much excitement that I’m sure 2020 will be extra special! With so many fun birthday celebrations, a relaxing trip to Balesin Island and an upcoming vacation to Bali, I’m already enjoying this new decade with so much merriment!  

Fresh from our family vacation in Japan, I prepared my disco outfit for the milestone birthday of stylish friend Linda Ley. Last January 4, “La Linda” celebrated her 60th birthday with an epic Studio 54-themed disco bash at Marriott Hotel. When Linda told me to “Save the Date” for her milestone birthday, I seriously thought she was turning 50! She’s the best-looking Senior Citizen fab friend I know!    

The Marriot Grand Ballroom was transformed into a disco hall throwback to the famed Studio 54, and was styled so beautifully by event stylist Teddy Manuel. It was a fab evening filled with glittering disco balls, a massive LED dance floor, and Manila’s finest clad in wigs, bell-bottoms and sequined outfits. The Band Spirit of ’67 and DJ Jon Tupaz brought everyone back to the glory days of the disco era. Truly a night to remember!  

A couple of days later, my hubby Dennis and I flew to Balesin Island to celebrate the 83rd birthday of Alphaland big boss Bobby Ongpin. Since the party wasn’t until dinner, Dennis and I spent the day doing a scuba dive just off Bali Village. I was amazed to see a huge turtle and some really cool coral formations, while Dennis kept showing me beautiful spider conch shells that he would pick up and return to the bottom as they were alive. 

The very intimate dinner party of RVO was for just his immediate family and really close friends and held at the majestic Royal Balesin Villa on the island’s southern tip. The sumptuous dinner was excellent, from the gambas sourced from Vanamei shrimp grown on Balesin’s own farms to the cochinillo prepared from the island’s Costa del Sol kitchen. 

The Royal Balesin Villa was also the venue for the milestone birthday of wonderful friend Nova Veluz last November. She celebrated her 50th Golden Birthday with a two-day weekend birthday bash with so many family and friends who flew in from abroad. There were two days of merriment, six exciting events and activities, surprise guest performers highlighted by Raymond Lauchengco, special dance numbers and loads of raffle prices and endless food and drinks!   

Before the main birthday celebration, Nova and her hubby Zaldy also shared so many gifts and toys, and fed the kids of Balesin’s island barangay. The Veluzes have been so blessed that their family wanted to share all their blessings as well with the barangay families. 

For the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration this January 25, I will be flying to Balesin again to host the Year of the Metal Rat CNY countdown with Feng Shui enthusiast Ollay Aninion. Ollay will be giving her Feng Shui forecast that she got from Her Feng Shui Master Lillian Too.  

The Year of the Metal Rat begins on January 25. The Rat is the first animal in the Chinese zodiac hierarchy that indicates the start of a 12-year cycle. This year is a period of renewed energy, enthusiasm and hope for better circumstances.   

In terms of this year’s economic forecast, earth elements industries such as real estate properties, building materials, landfill, recycling, storage and warehousing, construction, hospitality, car parks, and other earth-related industries are extremely auspicious in 2020. 

Energies are constantly flowing in and out of different locations within our homes and offices. Placing Feng Shui enhancers in auspicious areas within the establishment could help enhance the positive luck indications. Likewise, placing cures in the areas that indicate unlucky energies could help reduce the influence of such negative stars, thus maximizing the Feng Shui of your home. 

The luckiest direction of the house is Northwest. The northwest direction of the house should be kept clean in order to attract more wealth in 2020. It’s good to have your door and window opened at northwest. If your front door, bedroom or office is at northwest, you’d better place a red or purple blanket at the entrance to strengthen its force. Place Pi Xiu item at this direction could also help maintain and attract wealth for family.  

For 2020, add new furniture to enhance auspicious Feng Shui energy. The recently installed Ayala Malls’ Stylescapes showcase at Greenbelt 5 Gallery has a lot of new ideas and interior design trends for 2020. Designed by Cyndi Fernandez of Moss Manila, we collaborated for this beautiful vignette. Visit the showcase until January 23.Ayala Malls’ Stylescapes is co-presented by Avida Land.

For more Feng Shui tips, join Ollay Aninion on January 19 at the Bikram Yoga Manila Studio for her annual Feng Shui Forecast. And then, head to Balesin Island from January 24 onwards for a more auspicious celebration! And while you’re there, check out Balesin’s latest restaurant, the Chinese-themed Apsaras with its own chef from Shanghai and authentic Chinese food.

Make yourself a gift to the world!

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