Marry me at the Marriott


Weddings are always a happy and magical event; one that I am always happy to be part of. It’s bearing witness to the love and commitment of two people that always tugs on my heartstrings and the unarguable reality that this is a wonderful celebration to play dress up, especially if you are the bride! I had the chance to play the bride (again!) at the 2019 Marry me at the Marriott!

Marry me at the Marriott is an annual bridal fair and fashion show that has been a highly anticipated event since 2013.  Seeing the Grand Ballroom transformed to show different themes, is nothing short of spectacular. Indian, Western and Chinese themes were on display, as designed by Gideon Hermosa, Michael Ruiz and Teddy Manuel. 

The runway put the spotlight on the bedazzled gowns of Leo Almodal, the illuminated laced pieces of Albert Andrada, the whimsical creations of Jun Escario, the celestial brides and grooms of Michael Leyva, the romantic silhouettes of Veluz, and the playful frocks and suits of Little Miss Lacey by Corr Sunglao-Kho. I had a wonderful time strutting the bridal frocks with Marina Benipayo, Nadine Lustre, Lovi Poe and Sanya Lopez.

The event also featured the expertise of the Marriott culinary team serving local gourmands with authentic Indian, Chinese and Western cuisine, to match this year’s theme. One of the highlights that captured the guests was the “The Bride” wedding cake. It stood at 68 inches tall, with 75 inches in diameter as its width. The cake is adorned with about 4,500 crystals and 150 edible roses, 40 peonies, and 1200 florettes with hand-piped “embroidery”. At its base are 40kg of sponge cake, with 10 kilos of ganache filling covered with 80 kilos of homemade fondant. 

To know more about Marriott Hotel Manila, call (632) 988 9999 or visit To keep up on their latest offerings, follow @manilamarriott at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

A couple of days before that, I was at the Palacio de Memoria, a historic seven-story pre-war mansion along Roxas Blvd to celebrate the King of cognacs, Louis XIII with Vincent J Gere, Asia Pacific Director and Chief Representative of Louis XIII. Vincent is in Manila to help encapsulate the vision and to further expande Louis XIII in the SEAMI, Greater China and North East Asia and Pacific regions. 

Every bottle of the Louis XIII is a work of art—from the eaux-de-vie used to make cognacs, down to the age-old Baccarat glass decanters that hold them. There’s a lot of reasons many refer to the Louis XIII as the “King of Cognacs,” a well-deserved title it has held onto for over a century.

Each bottle of Louis XIII is the life achievement of generations of cellar masters, who have made sure that cognac-lovers today get only the best every single time.Today, Louis XIII’s cellar masters are already setting aside the finest eaux-de-vie as legacy to the next ones who would continue to blend the best cognac for years to come. It’s the ultimate expression of the mastery of time—thinking a century ahead.

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