My Love Affair with Africa


My love for Africa began with our first #tropafrica adventure 15 years ago, organized by my travel mate Malu Gamboa-Lindo. For our tenth wedding anniversary back then, my hubby Dennis and I joined an A2A Safaris trip that covered Botswana and South Africa. 

Instantly bitten by the African bug, I have returned to other countries in the continent since then, discovering its amazing culture, beautiful wildlife and stunning safari camps. After my last A2A Safari trip to South Africa with running friend Leah Caringal, I knew I wanted an African theme for our #DandTLove25 anniversary celebration. 

Seated: Rosan Cruz, Malu Gamboa-Lindo, Rajo Laurel , Sea Princess And Kitty Jacinto Standing: Dennis Valdes , Mon Lindo , Pakoy Ventura, Nix Alanon , Tim Yap And Jomi Deveras

Two days after the incredibly joyous celebration, my media travel buddy Pepper Teehankee asked me if I wanted to go to Durban, South Africa on the invitation of the South African Embassy. As if destiny had a hand in bringing me back to Africa, our visa and flight details were arranged in a couple of days! Thanks to Ellen Vega, Trade, Tourism & Marketing Officer of the South African Embassy, I joined the Philippine team to discover #Durbanhasmore and #thisisDurban on the first ever Durban Famtour! 

Durban provided a glimpse into South Africa’s multi-cultural history, with its vibrant Zulu culture and visible Indian and colonial influences. The beach is hugely important to locals, as watersports enthusiasts and sunbathers lap up the ever- present rays of sunshine. Just like our golden sunset setting on Manila Bay, the Durban sunset is breathtaking, especially from The Golden Mile shore. 

We witnessed this amazing sunset after settling into the Elangeni Maharani Hotel, our first Durban hotel. Early the next day, we headed to the Thanda Private Game Reserve. Even if I have been to many game reserves, going on safari is always a new experience because the wildlife and terrain are never the same. 

For me, the vast landscape is how God naturally created the world in the beginning. Plus it’s a great backdrop for selfies. Thanks to our guide and tracker, Thanda delivered all the Big 5 animals except for the leopard. The highlight was a pride of a dozen lions magnificently walking alongside our vehicle.

Bringing all my African outfits to a safari camp is a logistics issue, but my beautiful Thanda villa had all the space I needed, plus a watering hole where I saw a dazzle of zebra drinking together with a lone giraffe. Sadly we didn’t linger as we had more of Durban to see.

Next up was a stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel, with its view of the iconic Umhlanga Pier as well as the lighthouse. The nearby Golden Mile offers several activities. Surf until you drop, take a walk, cycle along the promenade, or explore the surf museum. The risk of shark attacks is minimal as the beach is protected by shark nets and watched over by lifeguards.

Among the Durban hotels, The Oyster Box Hotel was my favorite in terms of design and style. Every angle was perfectly designed with beautiful details and furniture. Check out their curry buffet if you ever get the chance. 

And what’s a travel trip without shopping? Little India is a bohemian dream with its delightful sights, sounds, and smells. Durban is home to the largest Indian population outside India, and the huge glorious Juma Musjid Mosque.

Victoria Spice Market is the best place to shop not just for spices but also African gifts, home decors and clothing. They have the best prices as well and bargaining is encouraged. Thank goodness for the other ladies in the group who allowed me to use their excess luggage allowance.   

I also shopped at uShaka Marine World. Instead of swimming with the sharks, Pepper and I went shopping instead. The rest of the media group were lowered in an enclosed cylinder to the large shark exhibit. Other activities included snorkeling and splashing around in the fun-fueled waterworld park.

The best way to discover the city of Durban is on board the Rickshaw bus. The tour includes the famous Moses Mabhida Stadium, one of Africa’s beautiful stadiums, the Golden Mile to see Durban’s famous beaches, Victoria Street Market to see Durban’s cuisines and exotic spices, Durban City Hall, and more. 

The next day we travelled to the Valley of a Thousand Hills, home of PheZulu Cultural and Safari Park. We were taken into traditional beehive-shaped, thatched huts, where the various artifacts, beliefs and rituals of the Zulu people were explained, giving visitors an insight into the fascinating Zulu culture. The 50-minute Zulu dance show was so impressive, with the dancers in their traditional garb, showing off their skills with grace, agility and humor. Of course I gamely joined them in the end. 

PheZulu Cultural Village and Reptile Park also has a crocodile and snake park where a knowledgeable local guide will take guests on a guided tour. You will learn interesting facts about crocodiles and snakes and have a hands-on experience with Cleo the Burmese python that weighs in at 42 kilograms.  

Durban July is the biggest social event on the Durban calendar. The Durban July Handicap is a South African thoroughbred horse race held annually on the first Sunday of July, since 1897 at Greyville Racecourse in Durban, Kwazulu Natal. Billed as Africa’s greatest racing event, we were so lucky to attend the 123rd Vodacom Durban July. 

The racetrack runs over 200m at Greyville. The annual betting frenzy on the iconic race was so exciting. I was happy to win on one of the races. But the stars were not all on the racetracks! Vodacom Durban July is a lifestyle fashion event where guests go all out to dress in them – Stars of Africa. It was so perfectly aligned with our wedding anniversary team. Our matching outfits with Pepper even made it to the South Africa Sunday Times the next day! The A-Listers with Craig Jacobs posted our photo along with the other big celebrities at the #VDJ2019.

So who were the winners in the end?! I definitely came out the champion in my books winning all the wonderful experiences Durban has to offer. Thanks to Durban Marketing Officer Lungi Mhlongo and her team. I shall prepare a bigger costume for next year!   

More pics on Instagram @seaprincess888.

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