My new labada Buddy – Ariel Power Gel


While I may not have any skills in doing any semblance of laundry, I can claim that I have a solid authority over what laundry products are best to use because hello…my wardrobe. In my line of work, my dresses can get stained by paint or ink. Getting these stains off usually require double the powder detergent and that’s not a good thing for the household budget! More powder, more expenses! This is why I’m so happy that I have a new labada buddy – Ariel Power Gel!

I just love it! It is so effective with removing stains because of the nano molecules that it has that cleans deep down to take the stains off! It’s highly recommended by the world’s number one washing machine maker, SHARP – for washing machine use! Oh, and don’t forget the cap! The cap helps you measure the amount to use, precisely! That’s a powerful tipid tool! Less product to use without having to sacrifice the quality of cleanliness!

This is why I’m so proud to be a brand ambassador for Ariel Power Gel! During the launch, I had my fellow ambassadors talk about just how important it is to have an effective laundry partner! For Rex and Liz – the top celebrity stylists in the Philippines – fashion isn’t fashion if you have stains or dirt on your clothes. Designer JC Buendia also spoke about the importance of taking care of your clothes by taking care of the fabric. Darla Sauer was also part of the panel to tell us about Kris’ laundry standards – Kris being the new endorser of the product.

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