Finding the right balance in a home that brings a better quality of life and lifestyle at an affordable price is one of the biggest challenges for homebuyers. For this foremost purpose, MyCitiHomes remains consistent in building and developing homes from the heart.

With 12 years experience in developing affordable housing communities, MyCitiHomes has completed 18 community developments in the outskirts of Metro Manila. Launching next month, their newest and most exciting development is called Sabella Village.

From the company’s vision comes Sabella, meaning “Pledge to God” in Hebrew. This 47-hectare community is situated in the developing town of General Trias, Cavite and is just 30 minutes drive from the cold winds of Tagaytay City.

Rosie Tsai, MyCitiHomes President and CEO is quite excited with this current project that has so many unique features that will surely set this community apart. Her vision of a vibrant and happy village where there is harmony and balance into the busyness of daily lives is about to be realized. Sabella will be providing carefully designed facilities, to create a sustainable environment where people can recreate and families can engage in physically and socially invigorating activities, all within the village. And most important of all, the homes will be sold at affordable prices.

As a whole, Rosie envisions Sabella to be a village where residents have a sense of responsibility and respect for people and the environment. People are engaged and are productive together. Within the family, there’s a stronger family bond. Within the village, there’s a growing Bayanihan Spirit of communal unity and involvement. All these will surely bring about pride of ownership and sense of contentment.
In partnership with Palafox Associates, Sabella is a master-planned community designed to create opportunities for families to connect and bond through various family lifestyle activities.

Another unique feature of Sabella is the 3 hectare eco park where dads and their kids can enjoy boating and fishing at the man-made pond, while moms after a long day’s work can enjoy rejuvenating spa sessions in the health and wellness facilities.
The Eco Park will have various features like pond for fishing, community garden for planting community garden and a mixed-use development for weekend market, picnic area, camping, zip line so children could enjoy their environment more.

Older folks can take their daily walks to the community garden to do gardening, with the help of the village gardeners. Research studies show that gardening brings a lot of health benefits.

In the weekend market, the developer plans to organize operators and suppliers of food products, arts and craft, native cottage industry products and artisan-baked goods to sell. At the same time, there will be opportunities for small to medium enterprises to do business. Initially, operators will be sourced from the public. Eventually, when more homeowners move in, they will surely benefit from the business opportunities. This promotes self-sufficiency among homeowners.

The more energetic ones can have fun on the trampoline or rock climbing, or to feel the adrenaline rush as they zip across the Eco Park on the mini-zipline.

Sabella’s later phases will be areas reserved for mixed use development like commercial spaces for lease to people who offer community services or professionals.

Property buyers can choose from a townhome or a single home design that ranges from PhP 1.7M to 2.4M depending on the family’s budget and space requirement. It is also available through various financing facilities like Pag-Ibig and In-house financing.
For bigger families, Callista can offer 4-bedroom option with 2 toilet and bath in a 100 sqm lot area. Callista also offers provision for 2-car garage. On the other hand, a starter family can opt to choose Aliyah with 3 bedrooms, 1 toilet and bath and a one -car parking garage. To know more, please visit MyCitiHomes website or call them at 864-9060 & 9062.

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