Nature as the design’s main element


There is now more attention to property development corporations giving consideration to conserving energy and reducing plastic consumption. Rockwell Center has started its latest campaign with Mother Nature as its focus. 

The Rockwell Land story began in 1995 with the transformation of an unused thermal power plant into a thriving, self-sustained community. Now known as the Rockwell Center, this flagship development was the first of several exceptional communities, which serve as the benchmark for living, leisure and business.

As a member of the Lopez Group of Companies, Rockwell Land continues to raise the standard for living spaces by creating a community that seamlessly blends residences, work spaces and lifestyle hubs. All of these are made with the Rockwell signature of innovation, exclusivity and unparalleled quality.

Along side Rockwell’s new campaign, Berhardt’s Linea Collection also puts Mother Nature into the main element of its design. The newest collection was launched in the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell where they have a pop-up showroom until the end of June. 

Rockwell and Bernhardt both strive to do their share to make our community realize the critical and life-changing phenomenon that is presently happening to our environment. Bernhardt’s Linea Collection takes inspiration from nature, curated in a way that makes us renew and remember our connection with Mother Nature to encourage us to take care of everything around us. 

Bernhardt’s Linea Collection was curated in a way that makes us renew and remember our connection with Mother Nature. Having a sense of connection with nature and promoting a greener environment, the design translates to having a more alluring and nourished world. Bernhardt has long realized that nature has a mesmerizing beauty and our efforts of preserving it will come back to us to help us preserve our future too. The Linea Collection allows us to feel the indelible link that binds us with Mother Nature and of our sacred duty to be better and responsible stewards of this planet we call home.

This Collection comprises of furniture pieces that creatively bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home interiors such as the Entertainment Console that is a bark-inspired piece, the Square Cocktail Table shows the beauty of Iceland’s volcanic formations and the End Table that is inspire by natural stone – all of which draw us back to the beauty of nature. The elements of nature are a huge influence for this collection which were envisioned to promote their harmony with everyday pieces to add a unique charm and achieve that aesthetically-pleasing space for you, transforming your home into a tranquil space filled with the essence of the outside environment. Linea pushes the boundaries of what a rustic modern furniture collection can be, ultimately delivering a sophisticated sense of style for today’s homes. Linea’s secret is a commitment to contrast and drama between its unique finishes and materials, allowing the group to break all the rules and still feel fully refined. Wire brushed oak veneers with Cerused Greige and Cerused Charcoal finishes partner elegantly with cast aluminum in a Textured Graphite finish found on metal accents and hardware, as well as Black Forest marble seamlessly integrated into pieces. Somehow, the surprises keep coming: bow fronts, geometric shapes, and asymmetrical forms are present, as are metal bands, channeled fabrics, and faceted wood designs. The finishing touch is the unique hardware that gives the collection’s case pieces a jewelry-like feel. With its flawless artistry and understated elegance, Linea sets a new standard for rustic modern collections. 

Please visit Bernhardt’s pop-up booth at the Power Plant Mall, R1 Level (across Nespresso) and enjoy 25% discount until June 30. 

Follow @bernhardtph on Instagram and take a photo of your favourite Bernhardt item when you visit. Then post it with the hashtags #myfavoritebernhardtph #BernhardtPopUp2019 and tag them for a chance to win Bernhardt’s Profile Drink Table. Winner will be announced on June 28, 2019. 

You may also swing by their showroom at 59 Connecticut St., Greenhills, San Juan City

For more details: Landline: 02 879 7099 | Mobile: 0917 628 3725 / 0977 830 1122 |

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