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When a strong force of nature like an earthquake shakes your world, we realize our finite powers on earth and make needed preparations to secure the safety of our family. Homes should be periodically checked and see how it could be retrofitted to comply with updates to the National Building Code.

The West Valley fault in Luzon Island last moved in 1658, and Phivolcs says it moves every 300 to 400 years. So the next big quake is overdue since it should have been in the 50s or the one coming up on or before 2050. With the earthquakes happening in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, the Philippine plate is releasing stresses.

Buildings in the country should be able to withstand an 8.4 magnitude quake – as long as these follow the National Building Code. Following the construction codes and standards, buildings are structurally designed to sway during an earthquake hence more movement on the upper floors. 

During to the recent earthquake, an external fiberglass roof deck water tank provided by a professional third party at Net Park ruptured. This caused water to cascade over the side of the building but the water was absorbed by the green roofs located on the 8F. The flow of water was immediately contained within 10 minutes. 

Across The Net Group portfolio of 7 buildings in the Bonifacio Global City, there are no other damage, structural impact, or injuries reported at this time.

Net Park is a landmark sustainable corporate tower with iconic world-class architecture and pioneering ecologically responsive features. Its 38 floors (plus 4 floors oversail) provide close to 65,000 square meters of office and retail spaces and showcases multi-level green park spaces – all supported by the highest levels of functionality with efficient floor plates, robust redundancy, high end infrastructure, and quality finishes.

The latest building in The Net Group’s portfolio of 7 buildings, Net Park features a single basement for visitor parking, retail shops and lobbies on the ground floor, and 6 levels of podium parking. The podium parking levels are shared with sister tower Net Lima, with tenants to both towers enjoying naturally lit and ventilated parking convenience. The 8thfloor features sky parks – making the natural green roof system the largest ever installed in an office project in the Philippines. The ensuing 30 levels are for the office block. A total of 19 elevators provide efficient vertical transportation.

Net Park was conceptualized by Miami-based architect Chad Oppenheim, an internationally multi-awarded, environmentally conscious alchemist of urbanscapes. Working with top Filipino architects Anna Sy and Andy Locsin, Oppenheim fused sustainability, functionality, and elegance in the design and creation of the office building. Currently pursuing 5-star construction certification (already 4 stars for design certification) under the Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence (BERDE) green building rating system, Net Park was recognized as a 5-Star Best Commercial High-Rise Development in the Philippines by the Asia Pacific Property Awards in 2015. It’s also the Philippine Winner of the Leadership in Sustainable Design and Performance in the Commercial category of the 2018 Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards.

Other Key Points:

·      World Class Design – By working with top international and local designers, dedicating an extended period to design and pre-development, and committing to the highest levels of performance, sustainability, and innovation, Net Park is truly an iconic landmark that has come to define the skyline and set the benchmark for buildings in the Bonifacio Global City. 

·      Industry Leading Green Building and Sustainability – As the top green office developer in the Philippines, The Net Group committed to pushing the envelope in terms of sustainable performance for the building by integrating a wide range of green building features, featuring multiple open green spaces, and implementing a host of operational initiatives and campaigns.  

·      Focus on Tenant Happiness and Wellness – The Net Group believes that truly green buildings are not only good for the environment but also promote the happiness and wellbeing of its occupants. With close to 7,000 office workers, Net Park has created a unique #TNGHappyAtWork campaign that combines physical project features with active tenant engagement programming to foster a community of happy and healthy employees. 

·      Pioneering Innovation – While there were many innovations introduced in the project, one of the most impactful was the Adopt-A-Park arrangement The Net Group was able to pioneer in partnership with Bonifacio Global City that not only resulted in a best in class public park but also paved the way for similar arrangements across the city where private developers were able to partner with the City Master Developer to significantly upgrade existing park facilities adjacent to their properties. 

·      Triple Bottom Line – Consistently 100% leased since before its completion in 2015 at above market rates, Net Park is occupied by top multinational companies and confirms that not only does a commitment to performance, sustainability, and innovation resonate with end users but also proves a large scale office project can be successfully executed with a triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit in the Philippines.

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