NetSolar : Game-changer in the Philippines’ fast-growing solar power industry


With the growing price of electricity, many homeowners are considering switching to solar energy. Philippine electricity prices have increased by around 50% in the last decade, and are expected to increase at a similar rate in the near future. With solar, you have locked in your energy costs for the next 25 years.

Local start-up, NetSolar is a clear game-changer in the Philippines’ fast-growing solar power industry. Spearheaded by some of the most innovative minds in the technology industry, the group is comprised of entrepreneurs, as well as digital technology, finance and solar power experts, who have shown their passion for making a difference through the various companies and initiatives they started.

Unlike the usual power utility, NetSolar will install your own solar power plant on your roof and not in a faraway location. Most rate hikes are due to the high cost of transporting power from these distant places. Having your own solar power plant keeps your cost low and saves you money in the long run. A team of solar experts would handle everything from system design to actual installation and ongoing maintenance. Best of all, solar is 100% Green Energy.

There are many benefits of a solar system. Commercial PV systems attract typical paybacks of 5-7 years, and a return on investment in excess of 15%. The expected life of a solar power system is over 20 years, which ensures that it will continue to generate electricity well after the initial investment has been paid back.

NetSolar does it right by using only the most advanced modeling software and top-tier platforms and equipment to provide customers with the perfect, and most optimal system size based on their needs. It believes that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all platform when it comes to solar energy systems. Before installation, the team takes into consideration your current energy usage, existing infrastructure and area, and potential roof shading. Plus, it continues to monitor your system and energy usage even after installation.

Another benefit is the significant reduction of the electricity overhead cost of your facility, which is a major expense for many businesses today.

A solar system installed on your facility is a highly visible statement of your sustainability commitment. This can be enhanced through
the installation of our monitoring system, which monitors the live energy usage of the facility and solar output, and can be viewed both online and in an onsite display.

Rebate is available for solar power systems, through the Net-Metering Scheme. Any installed solar power system of 100kW and less can sell back to the local Distribution Utility at a given kWh rebate.

“Our current energy providers install utilities in places far away from your home,” explains one of NetSolar’s directors Paolo Concio. “With NetSolar, we put your solar power plant on your roof, which drives down costs. You can expect a return of investment of over 15 percent in about 5 to 7 years.”

So how exactly does this system work? Solar panels convert sunlight into usable electrical energy, before it is transported into your facility by a switchboard. A meter records the electricity consumed and sent to the grid, and surplus energy is returned to the grid.

They use 33 unique weather data sets for the Philippines showing at least 10 years of historical data for solar irradiation. By accurately predicting solar irradiation for a specific site in conjunction with your actual or forecasted electrical consumption, NetSolar makes sure to provide you the optimal system size and best return for your investment.

“It’s not just about driving down costs,” adds Paolo. “Solar power is 100 percent green energy and using this helps combat greenhouse gas emissions. It also lessens our use of fossil fuel. In the end, it’s about helping build a cleaner, more sustainable world for future generations.”

Solar is the sustainable power of the future. Contact NetSolar at (02) 304-9793 or visit their website at


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