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It’s a first in our history. Happy Skin—the country’s favorite homegrown brand of skin-caring makeup—and Plains & Prints—one of the Philippines’ leading fashion retail brands—have joined forces to create an original line of makeup and clothes inspired by each other’s aesthetic, resulting in the limited edition Prints Made Pretty Collection.

Celebrating yet another momentous occasion, this time with an inevitable collaboration with Plains & Prints, Happy Skin once again brings joy to Filipinas with the limited edition Prints Made Pretty Glisten Up! Strobing Kit, which has the all-new Glisten Up! Highlighter, Blush, and Contour Cheek Sticks, and the limited edition Prints Made Pretty Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Matte Lippie Duo in Scene Stealer and Girl Boss.

The cult-favorite makeup brand continued to amp up their eye-catching packaging by using exclusive, limited edition prints that can also be seen in Plains & Prints’ Prints Made Pretty clothing collection.

At the launch in Mango Tree, guests got the chance to either be a beauty queen or a ramp model for a day with life-size paper dolls wearing clothes from the collection. The event also had a Prints Made Pretty GIF booth, where guests loosened up and showed off an array of fun, pretty, and playful faces with the help of the Prints Made Pretty makeup collection from Happy Skin.

To uniquely show off the groundbreaking line they collaborated on, Happy Skin and Plains & Prints pioneered live flat lays to highlight the collection’s prints. Guests were ushered up to a viewing deck to watch the flat lays come to life and to snap photos of the one-of-a-kind fashion and beauty presentation. Posing as part of the flat lays were four statuesque models—each wearing outfits from the clothing collection, with life-size products from the makeup line surrounding them—much to the attendees’ delight.

The rest of the restaurant’s mezzanine was transformed into a stylish boutique spruced up with interior pieces in happy colors of teal and pink. Not only was the collection beautifully displayed—guests were also treated to a surprise shopping session of the new collection.

Among those spotted getting dolled up were Gretchen Barretto, Chesca Kramer, Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez, Sabina Gonzalez, Tessa Prieto Valdes, Jenni Epperson, Alyanna Martinez, Jigs Mayuga, Rhett Eala, Randy Ortiz, Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez, and Phoemela Baranda, among many others.

Fun, Feminine, and Forward-Thinking

The two homegrown beauty and fashion trailblazers share a significant connection. “When Happy Skin started in 2013, Plains & Prints’ husband-and-wife tandem Erickson and Roxanne Farillas were the first to believe in our brand,” recalls Happy Skin co-founder Rissa Mananquil-Trillo. “Our first five beauty counters found a home in Plains & Prints’ top five stores.” Happy Skin co-founder Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez chimes in: “We also share the same passion in pushing boundaries to create world-class products,” she says. “Plains & Prints is famous for creating distinct and spectacular fashion prints, while Happy Skin is known for its eye-catching packaging.”

In this groundbreaking collaboration, “Plains & Prints took inspiration from Happy Skin’s fun and friendly vibe, and developed unique prints,” explains Rissa. “These pretty prints, in turn, inspired Happy Skin’s feminine and fashion-forward packaging and shades.”

Plains & Prints co-founder Roxanne Farillas, who has been at the helm of the retail giant for the past 20 years, is no stranger to innovative partnerships. “We’ve been collaborating with local designers, celebrities, and reputable skincare brands for the last decade,” she says. “But this collaborative experience is different, because we worked with colors that represent Happy Skin’s fresh, friendly, and playful nature. And since both of our brands are local leaders in beauty and fashion, we’re really looking forward to the collection being highly anticipated and celebrated by the modern Filipina.”

The limited edition capsule collection developed by Plains & Prints centers around five prints that are exclusive to the collaboration. “We were inspired by Happy Skin’s newest products, so we took our collection to the next level by infusing prints and colors that exude a fun, young vibe into our clothes,” explains Roxanne.

The Scene Stealer pieces feature a striking peacock print, while the Girl Boss tops and dresses look beautifully feminine with candy stripes in pastel hues. Clothes with the Glisten Up design have a digital panel print of a darling cityscape; meanwhile, slimming stripes make up the Kiss Me print. True to its name, the Pucker Up pieces highlight a cute lip print. Says Roxanne, “Our prints and cuts were inspired by everything fun, feminine, and forward-thinking, which was also Happy Skin’s inspiration.”

Rissa agrees. “This season, we’re giving women fashion-forward, yet non-intimidating beauty solutions,” she says. The limited edition makeup collection features new products that allow women to take on the latest makeup trends with ease.

“Glowing skin is the newest fashion accessory. You can achieve it with strobing, the latest beauty trend that highlights features you want to brighten up, but at the same time, make you look like you have little to no makeup on,” expounds Rissa. Happy Skin’s newest product range—the Glisten Up! Cheek Sticks—features three new cheek sticks available in two kinds of limited edition Glisten Up! Strobing Kits.

Says Rissa, “Happy Skin’s limited edition Prints Made Pretty Glisten Up! Strobing Kit (P1,299), which has the all-new Glisten Up! Highlighter, Blush and Contour Cheek Sticks, isn’t your everyday product, but we want to empower Filipinas with easy-to-use makeup tools to give her the confidence to level up her look.”The kit even features a Strobing Cheat Sheet, making looking good effortless with Happy Skin.

To make it easier for women to do their makeup on the go, the Glisten Up! Highlighter and Contour Cheek Sticks (P799 each) can be purchased individually. “Solid sticks are a big global beauty trend now,” says Jacqe. “More and more women are leaning toward them, because they give the ultimate beauty payoff by being so convenient—you don’t need tools to use them, just apply directly on your face and blend with warmth of your fingers.” The Highlighter Cheek Stick in Champagne offers a golden pink iridescence that helps bring out your prettiest features, while the Contour Cheek Stick in Taupe comes with a natural, blendable brown-slate shade that slims down the face.

Happy Skin’s cult-favorite lippies, of course, round up the makeup collection. The limited edition Prints Made Pretty Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Matte Lippie Duo (P1,099) encases two stylish, bold shades in a closet-like kit. “You can now dress up your lips in our new moisturizing matte lippies that suit all skin tones,” reveals Rissa. “Let your lips slip into a deep burgundy hue so you can be a Scene Stealer or double up your look as a Girl Boss with a soft-yet-commanding mauve hue.” Both shades are also available for individual purchase at P649 each.

Time to Level Up Your Look

“We want to challenge women to push their own boundaries by trying vibrant clothing and considering sophisticated makeup that’s still easy to use,” says Jacqe. “Through this collaboration, we’d like every Filipina to feel confident about making a lasting impression in the world of fashion and beauty,” adds Roxanne. “With this one-of-a-kind collection, she’ll get to bring out the best version of herself by embracing her own personal style and beauty mantra.”

Taking your beauty and style to the next level means always looking ahead—which is why host/VJ Aryanna Epperson and upcoming model Sabina Gonzalez were chosen to represent the collaboration as the country’s future faces of beauty. “They epitomize the fresh and modern beauty of the Filipina,” shares Rissa happily. “With fashion industry heavyweights like Tweetie de Leon and Jenni Epperson as moms, they possess fashion heritage yet stand out on their own. Just like the collaboration of Happy Skin and Plains & Prints, they’re a fusion of the best of the fashion and beauty world.”


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