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There is a brand new reason to visit Balesin Island Club, one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines.As the sanctuary and venue of choice for those seeking luxury in a world-class island resort setting, Balesin Island Club is only a 20-minute plane ride from Manila.

The Club has recently put the finishing touches on an impressive beachfront events venue called The Balesin Marquee, the newest addition to Balesin. The Balesin Marquee is perfect for big events and can accommodate up to 600 guests for a sit-down dinner and as many as a thousand guests for an event with theatre-style seating. It can also be modified for a banquet or venue for up to 300 guests.

Having all the key factors of a perfect events place, the Balesin Marquee has them all – space, aesthetics, location, and versatility. Whether it’s for a wedding, an engagement party, a birthday celebration, or a corporate function, this venue is worthy of your momentous milestone. Instead of holding your event in a congested city, Balesin is more appealing and away from all the distractions, traffic, and pollution.

The Balesin Marquee is located between Bali Village and Balesin Village on the Lamon Bay side of the island and offers an unparalleled beach and ocean view. Before progressing into a marvelous evening, guests can take in the beautiful Balesin sunset over drinks and canapes at the Marquee’s cocktails area. The Marquee also has a VIP lounge which acts as a private space for the celebrant, bride and groom, or event speakers to prepare and relax in comfort. 

The Marquee also houses a large kitchen, bathrooms, and huge storage spaces. Additionally, since a grand occasion isn’t complete without a feast to remember, Balesin Island Club offers customizable and special menu packages from its acclaimed restaurant outlets—featuring Filipino, Indonesian, Thai, Greek, French, Spanish, and Italian cuisines, as well as prime beef cuts from the island’s steakhouse.

Next weekend, Balesin Island Club will hold its annual ocean cleanup. There are 150 million tons of plastic items floating around or washed ashore in many countries around the world thus harming biodiversity. 

Aside from switching to reusable and biodegradable materials to minimize plastic use, Balesin Island Club has made it a tradition to maintain its pristine shores’ cleanliness by participating in the annual International Coastal Cleanup, the world’s largest volunteer event on behalf of the ocean’s health. Members, guests, Balesin staff, and local residents all come together and volunteer to collect visible trash along the shoreline and segregate it into compostables, recyclables, and non-recyclables. 

With “Make waves to save our seas!” as this year’s tagline, the Balesin Coastal Cleanup aims to clean up beaches, coastal areas, and their surroundings, and ultimately help improve the marine and shoreline environment. This year’s Coastal Cleanup will take place on Saturday, September 21 with its start-off point at the Balesin Sala. It will kick off with an orientation on the cleanup initiative and proper garbage disposal. Once oriented, volunteers will be assigned to several cleanup sites along the coast and they’ll be given tally sheets to record the amount of garbage they’ve collected.

Balesin’s annual coastal cleanup in partnership with International Coastal Cleanup, International Coastal Cleanup – Philippines and Ocean Conservancy, and sponsored by Blood Red, Gardenia Philippines, and Balesin members John and Ria Hoyt.

Aside from the annual cleanup, Balesin Island Club also takes pride in other eco-friendly initiatives, such as using biodegradable paper straws, refillable glass water bottles, and reusable fabric laundry bags. In addition, Balesin has zero emissions of wastewater to the sea around it with its state-of-the-art sewage treatment plants. The island has also been self-sufficient in potable water from the start with its innovative sustainable masterplan by Ecoplan of Florida, USA.

Not only is Balesin renowned as a private paradise for its members and guests, it’s also a haven that maintains the highest standards of environmental protection.

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