Whiff x Love Marie


Three’s not a crowd. We have Love Marie’s artistry, first Filipino perfumer RJ Lopena’s nose/expertise, and Whiff’s craftsmanship. Sourced from the world’s finest oils, Whiff introduces Linger, a scent crafted by Love Marie, guided by the first Filipino perfumer RJ Lopena. This is a fragrance for women – innocently classy and and extremely sensual. Linger is composed of notes of the sea, the freshness of a citrus, harmony of floral. The top note is white musk. The base note is lily of the valley.

“Linger was inspired by a blank canvass. A fragrance centered around the purity of Lily of the Valley that is supported by the long lasting notes of marine and white musk. Paint this fragrance with memories; let it linger,” shares RJ Lopena.

Linger is all about crafting with images and moments in mind and how scents are life’s simple luxuries captured in one bottle to let you relive your memories. The launch is styled to be very feminine, fresh and nostalgic – something that encapsulates the memories of Love Marie. The packaging of the box is a work of art itself. Love Marie’s “In Full Bloom” Oil in Canvas painting is featured in the box.

“It’s a collection of memories that makes me smile and that’s what I wanted to feel whenever I use my perfume. It makes me feel beautiful and happy. It’s my wedding perfume. I was thinking of my wedding when I crafted this scent with Whiff and RJ Lopena,” she fondly says.

Linger is available in Pop by Retail Lab, Powerplant Mall, Cura V Powerplant Mall, Apartment 8 clothing and online through @whiffofperfume Instagram account. It retails for PHP 1650 per bottle of 50ml.

Committed to support a cause, a portion of the proceeds of Linger will be donated to AEON CHILDREN FOUNDATION INC. They provide support to indigent heart patients for surgery countrywide. We seek to connect to these patients and help by promoting a pleasant, calming and comforting feeling through our scent…one bottle at a time.

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