The key word to remember for the incoming Year of the Earth Dog is “completion.” It is a year for consolidating what has been started and focusing on building and improving. To harness the chi of the year of the Double Earth, laying the groundwork for great success and harmony at home should commence beginning February 4 until Chinese New Year on February 16.

The Wealth element of the year is Metal so adding gold accents in the home benefits households strongly in terms of generating wealth luck. Thus, gold-colored curtains and décor are beneficial and anything metallic is favorable. It is an excellent idea to display an image of the 8 Immortals Crossing The Great Waters in the NW corner of the home or office. The presence of the 8 Immortals is always auspicious, as they signify eight kinds of fortune and aspirations.

Auspicious enhancers should be placed to strengthen the new lucky corners of 2018, as this adds to the flow of good fortune coming from the home space. Use a compass to locate the directions inside your home for the proper placements of the feng shui remedies and activations for the Year of the Dog.

This year, Southeast-facing houses enjoy good luck, as do Northwest-facing houses, which receive good chi from sitting Southeast. The Southeast benefits from the number 8 star so this brings good fortune for those born in Dragon and Snake years. Display auspicious symbols like infinite décor, ingots or gold coins in this area of the house to multiple the good chi. Dragon and Snake images are also favorable.

The Flying Star chart has the number 9 in the center so enhance this area of the place with nine-rod wind chimes, nine fishes in an aquarium, nine levels of flow in a water feature or nine coins and nine currencies in wealth vases.

Install a new chandelier or place light activators to ensure a flow of creative luck for the future. Keep the center of your home well lit and activated by placing plants as well to help as the Wood element fuels the Fire.

The Illness Star 2 flies to the West in 2018. The correct remedy to suppress this star is a brass Wu Lou with garuda symbol placed in the West sector of your home. An image of the Medicine Buddha placed in the West is recommended as well.

The noisy, quarrelsome star 3 flies to the Northeast, bringing hostile energy and problems to associated with arguments, fights, misunderstandings and court cases to residents residing here. Fire is an excellent cure, so all kinds of lights and the color red are suitable remedies here. Red accents like throw pillows or area rugs in the Northeast area are ideal. Remember though not to have noise in this sector so remove the TV, wind chimes or music. A bowl of red apples in the NE would be a great antidote to the quarrelsome star this year.

The Five Yellow or Wu Wang flies to the North in 2018, bringing danger of misfortune to anyone who occupies a room here. If your bedroom or front door is located here, it can bring you distress or misfortune.

The most powerful remedy for 2018 Wu Wang Five Yellow is the Bejeweled Five Element Pagoda with sun, and it should rise from water. Place this pagoda in the North sector of the living room. If you have several levels in your home, it is beneficial to place one pagoda on each level. The remedy is always made of brass and is filled with powerful dispelling mantras that bring peace and harmony to the home.

Another powerful remedy for this area is the 8 Hums Protection Wheel. This feng shui cure brings wonderful vibrations into the home and its presence will ensure that all hostilities are appeased.

It is imperative that everyone observes the No Renovation rule for the North this year. Any kind of demolition or digging work here is dangerous in 2018, as this causes negative luck to manifest. If there needs to be any renovation, make sure not to start and end in the North sector.

In 2018, the Robbery Star 7 is in the East direction. The best remedy is the Blue Rhino and Elephant with water motif in the East sector. Water is also auspicious for the East, where it strengthens the intrinsic Wood energy here. A water feature will exhaust the vitality of 7.

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