Year of the Metal Rat


Kung Hei Fat Choy! The Year of the Metal Rat started literally with a bang! 2020 is the perfect time for a fresh start as the Rat is the first animal in the Chinese zodiac hierarchy, which follows a 12-year cycle. This means the Rat Year will not come around again until 2032. The Metal Rat also starts the 60-year cycle of the 5 elements so clearly it is a very auspicious year with a period of renewed energy, enthusiasm and hope for better circumstances. 

Vina Francisco , Ollay Aninion and Sea Princess

Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, has more than 4,000 years of history and is the longest holiday of the year. In the 21st century, the national holiday begins on the first of the Lunar Calendar and lasts until the 15th of the first month. This year, Chinese New Year began yesterday and ends February 8th. 

Each day of the Spring Festival has significant activities to enhance all the auspicious energies of wealth, success, health, love and happiness. Many rituals, offerings and acts of kindness are helpful in harnessing these positive energies. 

With all the charitable works and quick relief efforts of many groups and friends helping our kababayans affected by the Taal Volcano eruption, more blessings will come their way. I have to commend our Zbabes Gals like Kit Zobel, Marissa Tambunting, Elena Coyiuto, Bingbing Quiros and Marissa Hallare who have been organizing our donations to be sent through the proper channels for distribution. Our Zumba gang has sent loads of relief to Maryliz Millan, owner of Hillcreek Gardens in Tagaytay. According to Marissa Tambunting, Maryliz has converted her wedding events place into an evacuation center and feeds 300-500 evacuees daily.

There are numerous small but still generous charity works ongoing covering all the different towns around Taal Volcano. May all these good positive energies claim Mother Nature so the earth would settle soon? According to Dr. Andy Tan, hopefully the volcanic activity would cease as the Metal Rat comes in.

At the intimate Chinese New Year dinner hosted by Eric Po of Bernhardt Furniture, I gathered more tips on how to draw all the auspicious lucky for 2020. Dr. Andy advised to stay happy and feel lucky the entire Spring Festival. You are not allowed to get angry, you must not cry, you must not use vulgar language, and you are not allowed to drink anything bitter. It is actually a great practice to do all that even after CNY!

The special dinner was held at the new Bernhardt Furniture flagship showroom at 51 Connecticut St, Greenhills, San Juan. The beautiful showroom has tastefully curated furniture pieces as well as stylishly home furnishings. Home Mavericks is the exclusive distributor of Bernhardt in the country. 

The showroom’s artistic walls add culture and intrigue to offer its clients a stylish retail field to shop at! Indulge yourself in elevated shopping experience and enjoy the best of the luxurious home interior. The grand 2-storey building of Bernhardt houses pieces from its Callista, East Hampton, Interiors, Domaine Blanc & Linea collections, displaying over 500 luxurious products to choose from and embellish your homes with.

Visit Bernhardt Furniture at 51 Connecticut St., Greenhills, San Juan and call telephone 283 5433 | 470 7751 or mobile 0917 628 3725 for more info.

Today, January 26 is the second day of the New Year and is known as ‘Hoi Nian’. This is an important day for businessmen to make an offering to their business partners with cases of oranges – this carries the meaning of “Dai Kat Dai Lei”, an auspicious and smooth year with continuous growth of wealth. It is also customary for elders to offer their friends and business partners a slice of “Lian Quo” (Sticky Rice cake) thus cementing their profitable partnerships and friendships.

Today is also a good day to pay your respects to your ancestors. This is traditionally a day when married children visit their paternal parents. Today is also known as the birthday for all Dogs, and if you are kind to a Dog today, it is believed that you will gain new friends in the coming year and receive some good news.

It is wonderful to attend some parties and launches nowadays where part of the proceeds go to relief efforts. The TernoCon happening today is also donating some proceeds as well.

At the recent presscon of Belo Thermage FLX featuring Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso, the founder and CEO of the Belo Medical Group, Dr. Vicki Belo announced that the Belo Medical Group is donating P500,000 pesos to the Philippine Red Cross to help with relief efforts for the victims of the Taal eruption. 

The handsome valiant Mayor Isko was presented as the newest face of Thermage FLX. Dr. Vicki explained to members of the media the improvements on Mayor Isko’s face after doing the Thermage FLX. She said Yorme used to have deeper lines that have now become shallow. When she pinched his skin, there’s less to pinch now than before.

Dr. Belo said the Thermage FLX is really perfect for men on-the-go like Mayor Isko because it only takes 35 minutes, has immediate results, and delivers a long-term effect. So men can just visit the Belo clinic at least once a year and get back to their busy schedules the rest of the year while looking their very best.

Dr. Belo said the partnership with Mayor Isko Moreno came about because the Manila Mayor is also passionate in showing the whole world that the Philippines is world class. 

The Manila Mayor added that he believes the Philippines can be globally competitive, we have the same technology and training, institutions like the Belo Medical Group are proof that Filipinos are world class and first class.

The press launch was held at the Rizal Park Hotel in Manila as suggested by Mayor Isko. The good mayor wanted people to know there’s a lot of beautiful locations in Manila that’s worth visiting.

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