Furano – Two Peak Seasons in Hokkaido, Japan


Furano is a resort town conveniently located in the middle of Hokkaido and known for it’s two peak tourist seasons.

In winter, the 470 acres of ski terrain offers something for all skill levels.  The FIS Alpine Ski World Cup and Snowboarding World Cup have both been hosted in Furano a total of 12 times.

Summer is the true peak season with tourists coming from all over the world to enjoy the endless fields of lavender, sunflowers, poppies, lilies, and a rainbow of other flowers.

Tomita Farm in Naka-Furano is the most popular destination but there are many flower farms throughout the Furano Valley to explore.

Day trips to Biei to visit the spectacular “Blue Pond” and famous trees dotting the rolling hills are also on most tourists’ itineraries.

Furano was the site location for a popular TV drama in the 1980s called “Kita no Kuni Kara” and Japanese fans continue to flock to the region to see where their favorite scenes were filmed.

The locals take a lot of pride in their town and Furano is a very welcoming destination for tourists, while continuing to offer an authentic Japanese experience.

Over the past few years, forward-thinking investors have started buying property in Furano as land prices are very reasonable.

Kitanomine is the main ski village that starts from the base of the main gondola and gently slopes down towards downtown Furano.

A new hotel called Fenix Furano directly across the street from the main gondola is currently under construction by Hokkaido Tracks Resort Properties and it will open this June.  

The Hong Kong-based developer, Zekkei Properties, successfully sold-out the entire project in a short period and they are planning a second hotel now.

Nearby in the quiet Shimogoryo neighborhood is a 7-unit boutique condominium also under construction by Hokkaido Tracks Resort Properties.  

It will open in July to take advantage of the peak summer season and only a few units are still available, prices start from JPY 36 million (about PHP 16 million).

An upcoming project by Metropoly Holdings called Kaku Place is a 16-unit condominium conveniently located in the heart of Kitanomine Village.  Sales are starting soon and the Hong Kong-based developer was a senior executive at Shangri-La Hotels.

Hokkaido Tracks Resort Properties was the first international developer in Niseko starting in 2003 and opened a full-service office in Furano about 3 years ago. 

Real estate sales have been very strong and innovative developers are lining up for the project management expertise that Hokkaido Tracks is well known for.

While Kitanomine is still the most popular location for investors, many are finding incredible value in downtown Furano, the nearby winery region, and Naka-Furano which is surrounded by beautiful flower fields.

Almost all areas enjoy panoramic views of the Furano Valley and Tokachi Mountain Range.

Tourists visit Furano throughout the year but the peak summer season in July and August is when the flower fields are in full bloom.  During the winter, January and February offer the best skiing conditions.

There are many local festivals but the Furano Belly Button Festival at the of July is the largest and it gets its name because Furano is considered Hokkaido’s belly button due to the central location.

If you are looking for a family-friendly holiday or investment opportunities then Furano should be on your list.  The team at Hokkaido Tracks Resort Properties would be happy to speak with you about your requirements and make recommendations based on their unrivaled market knowledge.

Scott Tovey leads the real estate sales team in Furano and can be reached at scott.tovey@hokkaidotracks.com or +81-80-3324-9605.

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